Correct spelling for WELFAR

We think the word welfar is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for welfar

  • Welder(Definition of welder)
  • The welder can adjust the oxy-acetylene flame to be carbonizing (aka reducing), neutral, or oxidizing.

  • Weld(Definition of weld)
  • Among those who thus treat this construction of the participle, the chief, i think, are butler, hurt, weld, wells, and s. s. greene.

  • Elf(Definition of elf)
  • "one drop would make you wise for ever," whispered the wood-elf, just as if i had spoken, "but you would be silent for ever, also.

  • Willa
  • Connected with the writings of helen willa samuels, documentation strategy aims to reach beyond institutional frameworks when appraising collections.

  • Self(Definition of self)
  • They'll think you are my very self.

  • Wolf(Definition of wolf)
  • He was the wolf!

  • Wolfs
  • No one can equal the skill of indians in flaying animals; in an instant the two lions, over which the vultures were already hovering and forming wide circles, were stripped of their rich hides, which were thrown across red wolfs horse.

  • Wafer(Definition of wafer)
  • He produces his choicest plum-cake; the bread-and-butter is cut with wafer-like thinness; and the tea-ah, well, no englishwoman, miss raven, can make tea as a chinese man-servant can!

  • Welter(Definition of welter)
  • For wilbur cowan, beneath this starry welter of creation-of worlds to be or in being, or lifeless hulks that had been worlds and were outworn-was on this june night uplifted to face the parting of the ways.

  • Well(Definition of well)
  • Well, i guess i come pretty near it.

  • We'll
  • And i don't think we'll have to.

  • Wilford
  • Mr. sherwood had already selected lawry wilford as the pilot of the woodville.

  • Welfare(Definition of welfare)
  • If lorraine wondered at all concerning this unknown man's interest in her welfare she kept it to herself.

  • Weller
  • London, 1837. the sam weller scrap sheet.

  • Velar(Definition of velar)
  • What, then, are these tubular muscles in the velar folds?

  • Vela(Definition of vela)
  • Among these were, juan velasquez, vela nunnez nephew to the viceroy, francisco giron another gentlemen of his household, and francisco rodriguez.

  • Wolfe(Definition of wolfe)
  • L. wolfe gilbert wrote "robert e. lee" from the "picture lines" in one of his older songs, "mammy's shuffiing dance" and a good old-fashioned argument that he and i had about the famous old mississippi steamboat.

  • Woolf
  • Adrian kashchenko (1858–1921), ukrainian writer, historian of zaporozhian cossacks adrian knox (1863–1932), australian judge adrian künzi (born 1973), swiss banker adrian lamo (born 1981), colombian-american threat analyst and "grey hat" hacker adrian lim (1942–1988), singaporean serial killer adrian von mynsicht (1603–1638), german alchemist adrian păunescu (1943–2010), romanian poet, journalist, and politician adrian plass (born 1948), english author and speaker adrian rogers (1931–2005), american pastor, conservative, author adrian anthony spears (1910–1991), american judge adrian stephen (1883–1948), british author and psychoanalyst, brother of virginia woolf and vanessa bell adrian ursu (born 1968), romanian journalist adrian weale (born 1964), english writer, journalist, illustrator and photographer adrian wewer (1836–1914), german-born american architect and franciscan monk adrian zecha (born 1933), indonesian hotelier

  • Weal(Definition of weal)
  • 10 thee justice guides, thee right maintains, the oppressor's wrongs, the pilferer's gains, thy injured weal impair.

  • Vlf
  • A modern umbrella array, the antenna of the us navys cutler vlf transmitter at cutler, maine, which transmits tactical orders to submerged submarines at a frequency of 24 khz and a power of 1.

  • Wolff
  • He himself and his wife esteemed wolff, and his "ursel" had shown plainly enough that she preferred him to the other friends of her elder brother ulrich.

  • Elva
  • It is elva barrett, i tell you, christopher, and she has been stolen.

  • Welt(Definition of welt)
  • In his hotel room dorn, eating blue-colored fish, spoke to an acquaintance-an erudite young german who wore a monocle, whose eyes twinkled with an odd humor, and who under the influence of a bottle of sekt was vociferating passionately in behalf of a thing he called welt revolution.

  • Pelf(Definition of pelf)
  • And he taught the little chicks to call him father, and he sold his stolen pelf, and bought a palace, horses, slaves, and peacocks to ease his wicked self.

55 words made from the letters welfar

3 letter words made from welfar:

elf, ale, raf, awe, far, ear, ref, afl, raw, few, era, lea, ler, are, law, war, awl.

5 letter words made from welfar:

faler, flare, farle, rafle, arwel, feral, wafer, ferla, rawle, lerwa, lafer, ralfe, farel, frale.

4 letter words made from welfar: