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How to spell WERED correctly?

If you came across the misspelling "wered", the correct suggestions could be "word", "weed", "weered", "weird" or "wired". However, without knowing the context, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact intended word. Double-check your spelling in order to convey your intended message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell wered correctly

  • Cowered The frightened mouse cowered in the corner as the cat approached.
  • dowered As the only child, she was dowered with a vast estate and significant responsibilities from her parents.
  • eared The puppy eared up when he heard the sound of his owner's car approaching.
  • Erred
  • lowered The teacher lowered her voice when she noticed the students were distracted.
  • powered The airplane was powered by four jet engines.
  • red The color of the stop sign is red.
  • reed The musician played a sweet melody on his reed instrument.
  • towered
  • Veered The car veered towards the ditch after the driver lost control of the steering wheel.
  • Wagered John wagered $100 on the football game last night.
  • ward The hospital had to find a new ward to accommodate the increasing number of patients.
  • ware
  • Warred The two neighboring countries warred over the disputed territory for several years.
  • watered
  • Wavered She wavered in her decision to accept the job offer.
  • we'd We'd love to celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow.
  • we're
  • wearer The wearer of the crown could not escape the scrutiny of the public eye.
  • wearied After running for several miles, the athlete was wearied and gasping for air.
  • wed I am going to wed my fiance next weekend.
  • weed
  • weedy The garden was neglected and overgrown, filled with weedy patches and tangled vines.
  • weird My neighbor has a weird habit of collecting porcelain dolls.
  • Were
  • where
  • wire
  • wired I got a lot of work done today because I was completely wired on caffeine.
  • word I have a word of advice for you.
  • Wore I wore my favorite shoes to the party last night.

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