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How to spell WERIED correctly?

If you've misspelled "weried", fear not! The correct spelling is "weird". This unusual word often catches people off guard with its strange combination of letters. So, next time you find yourself tempted to spell it as "weried", remember to use the correct form, "weird."

List of suggestions on how to spell weried correctly

  • berried The bush was berried with bright red fruit.
  • Cried
  • dried I hung the wet clothes outside, but they never dried due to the rainy weather.
  • Erred
  • Ferried The captain ferried passengers across the river on his boat.
  • fried
  • Pried
  • Queried The journalist queried the politician about the discrepancies in his statements.
  • serried The soldiers stood in serried ranks, ready to fight at a moment's notice.
  • tried I tried my best, but I didn't win the race.
  • varied The cuisine at the new restaurant was incredibly varied, with options from different regions around the world.
  • verier
  • warier I'm warier of those animals now.
  • Warred The two neighboring countries had warred for years before finally signing a peace treaty.
  • wearied After a long day of work, I felt wearied and in need of a good night's sleep.
  • wearier I was so much wearier from my travels than I had anticipated.
  • wearies The constant noise of the busy city wearies me.
  • weed Allison is smoking weed.
  • weird I found a weird bug in my room.
  • Were We were planning on going to the beach, but the weather was bad.
  • wired
  • wirier The party was wirier than I had anticipated.
  • worried She was worried about the test she had tomorrow.

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