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How to spell WESTED correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "wested", fret not! It's likely that you meant to type "wasted", "tested" or "vested" instead. Each of these words suits different contexts, so ensure you choose the correct term to accurately convey your intended message. Proofreading can save the day!

List of suggestions on how to spell wested correctly

  • bested I may have won the first game, but my opponent bested me in the second.
  • Chested He was a heavily chested man with a booming voice.
  • Feasted During the holidays, my family feasted on a delicious pot roast and mashed potatoes.
  • guested
  • heisted The bank was heisted by a group of masked thieves.
  • Jested After giving her a sarcastic toast, I jested that she would be able to keep up with us on ourwalks.
  • nested Inside the nested loops, the innermost one executed first.
  • oersted Hans Christian Oersted was a Danish physicist who discovered the relationship between electric currents and magnetic fields.
  • quested He quested tirelessly for the answers to life's greatest mysteries.
  • rested After a long day of work, I rested my feet for a while.
  • seated I am currently seated at my desk, typing up this response.
  • Sweated I sweated my shirt through during our workout.
  • tested The new product has not been tested yet.
  • twisted The story was twisted so that it made no sense.
  • vested My grandmother had a vested interest in my education and always encouraged me to do my best in school.
  • vetted
  • Waited We waited for hours for the train to arrive.
  • waste
  • wasted He wasted his entire day playing video games instead of studying for his exams.
  • waster He was always one to leave the lights on and water running, a true waster of resources.
  • wedded My grandparents have been wedded for over 60 years.
  • weeded She weeded the garden for hours in the scorching sun.
  • Welted He welted his fingers hitting the wall with frustration.
  • west I always head to the west side of the city to get a good workout.
  • western Arizona is a western state.
  • Whetted He whetted his appetite with a small snack before dinner.
  • Whited
  • wised After making mistakes, she wised up and started making better decisions.
  • Witted I have to say, she has some witted ideas.
  • worsted Worsted yarn is a type of yarn made of two different types of yarn twisted together to form one long thread.
  • Wrested The thief wrested the purse from her grasp and ran away.

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