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How to spell WESTEGATE correctly?

If you're looking to correct the misspelling "Westegate", there are a few possible suggestions. One option could be "Westgate", which is a common name for places or establishments. Another choice might be "Westagate", which provides a similar sound but with a slight variation. Remember to double-check the intended spelling for accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell Westegate correctly

  • Castigate The coach castigated the players for their lack of effort during the game.
  • Delegate I will delegate the task to my colleague as I have too many assignments to complete.
  • Desperate She was desperate for a job and applied everywhere she could think of.
  • Estate He inherited his grandfather's estate after his passing.
  • Esterase Esterase is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the metabolism of ester compounds.
  • Estimate We will need to estimate the cost of the project before proceeding with the implementation.
  • Gestate The idea for the novel had been gestating in his mind for years before he finally sat down to write it.
  • Instigate He admitted to trying to instigate a fight between his friends.
  • Reiterate I would like to reiterate the importance of submitting your assignment by the due date.
  • Relegate The team's poor performance in the league will likely relegate them to a lower division next season.
  • Restate Restate the question in your own words to ensure you fully understand it.
  • Segregate The principal decided to segregate the students by gender in order to create a more focused learning environment.
  • Testate The deceased left behind a testate will, outlining the distribution of their assets among their family members.
  • Wastewater The wastewater treatment plant is responsible for purifying and disinfecting wastewater before it is released back into the environment.
  • Watergate Watergate was a major political scandal that rocked the United States in the 1970s.
  • Westdale I will be attending Westdale High School in the fall.
  • Westlake I will be visiting Westlake, a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles, next weekend.

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