Correct spelling for WFIE

We think the word wfie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for wfie

  • Lie(Definition of lie)
  • Mat has made his bed, and he must just lie on it; and his children-heaven help them, poor young things!

  • Fief(Definition of fief)
  • It was divided by gorges into eight bailiwicks or counties, and these again into sixteen hundreds, after the manner of the chiltern hundreds, a fief of the english crown.

  • Foe(Definition of foe)
  • When not on the track of the savage foe, he was in the settlement, with his keen eye and ear ever alert for signs of the enemy.

  • Die(Definition of die)
  • I should die, i know i should!"

  • Fife(Definition of fife)
  • I could just see him with a sword buckled to his side, getting on a big war-horse, galloping off to the music of fife and drum.

  • Fire(Definition of fire)
  • She thinks so much of it thet i been advisin' her to take out a fire insu'ance on it.

  • Pie(Definition of pie)
  • "if you will insist upon having a finger in the pie, come on then," he cried.

  • We've
  • "then we've got to get out of here," he muttered.

  • Fe
  • I struck the old santa fe trail ten miles from fort hays just at daybreak.

  • Vie(Definition of vie)
  • The several species of government vie with each other in the absurdity of their constitutions, and the oppression which they make their subjects endure.

  • Effie
  • No one could look more bright than effie as she performed the thousand and one duties which fell to her lot in this poor home.

  • Fit(Definition of fit)
  • That's all the use 't is fit for.

  • Fee(Definition of fee)
  • Conwell even kept certain hours for consultation with those too poor to pay any fee; and at one time, while still an active lawyer, he was guardian for over sixty children!

  • Fin(Definition of fin)
  • All is silence, solitude, and desolation, save that occasionally may be seen the fin of some huge shark, either sluggishly moving through the heated element, or stationary in the torpor of the mid-day heat.

  • Waif(Definition of waif)
  • After supper, for in meadville nobody "dined," miss prescott and the girls sauntered out with the wren to obtain some clothing for the waif who had so strangely come into their possession.

  • Woe(Definition of woe)
  • We(Definition of We)
  • That is where we are going.

  • Wive(Definition of wive)
  • Fig(Definition of fig)
  • Tomaso of the mill, who sat on the low wall across the road in the shadow of a great fig-tree, was watching with steady eyes.

  • Five(Definition of five)
  • I shall get five dollars a week for that, too."

  • Wwi
  • File(Definition of file)
  • At noon dined, and then to my chamber all the afternoon and night, looking over and tearing and burning all the unnecessary letters, which i have had upon my file for four or five years backward, which i intend to do quite through all my papers, that i may have nothing by me but what is worth keeping, and fit to be seen, if i should miscarry.

  • Fib(Definition of fib)
  • But i suppose she had no fib handy.

  • Wwii
  • Wi
  • A railway had already been built from fusan to seoul, and another was in course of completion from seoul to wi-ju, thus giving a trunk line that would carry large numbers of japanese soldiers from japan itself to the borders of manchuria in about thirty-six hours.

  • Tie(Definition of tie)
  • "hope i don't interrupt any terterta-tie," continued davy.

  • Rife(Definition of rife)
  • Sea-sickness very rife, almost every one suffering more or less.

  • Wove(Definition of Wove)
  • Wife(Definition of wife)
  • If you will promise to be my wife, mary, i'll make him go!

  • Hie(Definition of hie)
  • From the knightly sports there came both joy and woe; but men forbade the hurtling and the shouting, since now the ladies were to hie them to the hall.

  • Wei
  • All the vessels united outside wei-hai-wei, and began patrolling the coast.

  • Fine(Definition of fine)
  • It was a fine day and i felt happy for once, that is, for once out here.

  • Whee
  • "'butter, leather, boney, stry; hare-bit, frost-neck, harrico, barrico, whee, why, whoa, whack!'

  • Life(Definition of life)
  • Think of her life!

  • Wii
  • Art academy: sketchpad and art academy: home studio, video games for nintendos wii u console and the latest in the series

  • Weir(Definition of weir)
  • Weir had grown up and ruled the castle all these years without a chaperon, and he had lived out of the world too long to suggest the advisability of one now.

  • Ie
  • In forming flies from fly, butler changes "y into ie," on page 20th, adding s only; and, on page 11th, "into i" only, adding es.

  • Wee(Definition of wee)
  • Will it be she now that told ye of the wee bit sairvice i rendered to her in the time when i was in bondage at the hottle?"

  • Fie(Definition of Fie)
  • Fie, kit, han't you any manners?

  • Fir(Definition of fir)
  • He would stop and look up into the tops of the fir trees, and walk on again; then sit down for a moment on a mossy stone; but only for a moment-always he was up again soon and moving on, though he had nowhere to go.

  • Wave(Definition of wave)
  • If i was to wave it to one side, like this-but never mind; we'll do the best we kin."

  • Waive(Definition of waive)
  • But i told him i was thankful to get the five hundred dollars, and could waive their notions of woman's inability very comfortably.

  • Whir(Definition of whir)
  • From a black opaque object it began to turn a dull red and to diffuse a subdued glow, while the hum turned into a distinct whir.

  • Wylie

3 words made from the letters wfie

3 letter words made from wfie:

wei, few.

4 letter words made from wfie: