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How to spell WHATED correctly?

If you often find yourself misspelling "whated", fret not, as there are possible correct suggestions for this mishap. The word you might be referring to is "wanted", often used to express desires or aspirations. So, next time your fingers mistakenly type "whated", try "wanted" for a more accurate representation of your intent.

List of suggestions on how to spell whated correctly

  • bated I waited with bated breath for the results to be announced.
  • Charted The explorers charted a new course through the dense jungle.
  • Chatted We chatted about our day before bed.
  • Cheated He felt cheated when he found out that the product he ordered was defective.
  • dated The clothing in the thrift store looked dated and out of style.
  • fated According to the prophecy, the hero was fated to defeat the evil sorcerer and save the kingdom.
  • Gated The community club requires gated entry for the safety and security of its members.
  • hated
  • hatted She hatted herself and left the party without saying goodbye to anyone.
  • heated I have a room with a heated floor.
  • mated
  • Rated This film is rated NC-17.
  • sated After eating a full plate of spaghetti, I finally felt sated.
  • Sweated I sweated through my yoga class today.
  • Waded
  • Wafted The smell of freshly baked bread wafted through the house, making everyone's mouth water.
  • Waged The company waged a fierce marketing campaign to attract new customers.
  • Waited I waited for my food to arrive at the restaurant.
  • Waked
  • Waled
  • Waned
  • wanted I wanted to go on a vacation.
  • wasted I feel like my day was wasted because I didn't accomplish anything.
  • water The water was too hot for me to handle.
  • Waved She waved goodbye to her friends as she walked out of the coffee shop.
  • Welted They use welted rawhide for shoe uppers.
  • whacked My head was whacked by the Louisville Slugger.
  • Whaled
  • whammed I was whammed in the face with a rubber ball.
  • What
  • what's
  • wheaten I prefer white bread, but my mother always made us some kind of wheaten something at Thanksgiving.
  • Whetted The smell of the freshly baked bread whetted my appetite.
  • white Some white snowflakes are still hanging in the air.
  • Whited
  • whiter Whitney tried to bleach her hair bright white, but it turned out lighter and whiter than she expected.
  • whitey I always feel like a whitey when I wear this black t-shirt.
  • wilted Her wilted flowers testified to her lack of care.
  • Witted He was quick-witted and always had a clever comeback.
  • wonted After a long day of work, I sat down in my wonted chair and enjoyed a cup of tea.

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