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How to spell WHCH correctly?

If you frequently find yourself misspelling "whch", worry not as there are a couple of possible corrections. One option is to add the missing letter "i", making it the word "which". Alternatively, you could replace "wh" with "w" and add the missing letter "i", resulting in the correct spelling of "wich."

List of suggestions on how to spell whch correctly

  • arch
  • bach Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the greatest composers of all time.
  • CH The word "church" starts with the letters "CH".
  • each Each member of the group will receive a certificate for their participation.
  • etch I would like to etch my initials onto this piece of metal.
  • FOCH Foch was a marshal who helped win World War I.
  • itch
  • koch
  • Lech I'm headed to Lech Warsaw for some beers.
  • mach
  • Mich
  • much I ate too much at dinner and now I feel full.
  • OCH
  • Ouch I bumped my head on the cabinet door. Ouch!
  • rich She grew up poor and now she's a rich woman.
  • SCH
  • shah The Shah of Iran was deposed in the Iranian Revolution of 1979.
  • such I can't believe you're such a klutz.
  • tech Do you know how to tech a computer?
  • Wac I heard that Wac was getting married soon.
  • waco Some people believe that the Branch Davidians who died in the Waco fire were murdered.
  • wash I need to make my bed, then I can wash the dishes.
  • watch
  • wench The pirate's wench served drinks to the crew.
  • whack
  • wham He slammed the door shut, and the sound echoed through the room with a loud wham.
  • What
  • WHEE As the roller coaster gained momentum, the passengers screamed, " Whee!
  • when She always knew when he was up to something.
  • whet I sharpened the knife to whet its blade.
  • Whew Whew, I'm finally done with my work for the day.
  • whey Whey protein is one of the most common types of protein found in supplements and food.
  • Which
  • whig The Whig party, one of the two main political parties in 18th and 19th-century England, eventually evolved into the modern Conservative party.
  • whim I have a whim to bake a cake.
  • whip I'll whip you with a belt if you don't clean your room!
  • whir Inside the machine, the whir of the blades was a soothing sound.
  • whit
  • whiz She's a whiz on thelogical reasoning puzzles.
  • who
  • Whoa I was scared to cliff jump, but then I saw whoa.
  • Whom I don't know whom you are talking to.
  • whop
  • whup
  • why I don't know why you're asking me this.
  • wick Victoria was sure that the ribbon she was tying into a bowsprit was wick enough.
  • winch The winch on the rescue vehicle was used to pull the victims to safety.
  • wish
  • witch He was arrested for being a witch.
  • With I ate the sandwich with mayo.

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