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How to spell WHEETED correctly?

If you mistakenly spelled "wheeted", worry not, as we all make typos! The correct suggestions depend on context. If you meant "wheated", referring to something containing wheat, that could be one option. Another possibility is "whetted", describing something that has been sharpened or stimulated. Remember to proofread carefully to catch such errors!

List of suggestions on how to spell wheeted correctly

  • heated I had a heated argument with my colleague about which approach we should take.
  • Heeded They heeded his warning and avoided the area.
  • tweeted I tweeted a pic of my new shoes.
  • weeded I weeded the garden bed to make room for new plants.
  • weened She was tempted to eat the whole cake, but then she weened herself and ate a little bit.
  • Welted The welted leather looked expensive and well-made.
  • Wheedled My mother wheedled me into going to the premiere with her.
  • wheeled He wheeled his bicycle into the garage and locked it up.
  • Wheezed She wheezed after running up the stairs.
  • Whetted The sight of the delicious food whetted my appetite.
  • Whited

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