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How to spell WHELT correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "whelt", it's crucial to remember the correct spelling is actually "welt". A welt refers to a raised mark on the skin, often caused by injury or an insect bite. By using the correct spelling, one can ensure clear communication and avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell whelt correctly

  • belt
  • celt
  • Dwelt The family dwelt in a small house on the edge of town.
  • felt I felt a cold breeze blow past me as I walked towards the park.
  • halt The approaching storm forced us to halt our hike and seek shelter.
  • held I held onto my umbrella tightly as the wind picked up.
  • helot In ancient Sparta, a helot was a slave or serf who was owned by the state.
  • hilt He grasped the sword tightly by the hilt and prepared to defend himself.
  • Holt I don't know anyone named Holt.
  • melt
  • pelt The rain began to pelt against the roof of the car as we drove down the highway.
  • Walt
  • weft The weft in the fabric is what's going to give the fabric its strength.
  • weld The metal is too hot to weld.
  • well
  • welt I have a blistering welt on my foot after hiking in uncomfortable shoes.
  • welts I have sore welts on my arms from where he tried to pull me off the ground.
  • Went
  • Wept I wept until sunrise.
  • west My friends and I went to the west coast.
  • wet After standing in the rain, my clothes were soaking wet.
  • whale
  • What
  • wheal I have a little wheal on my arm.
  • wheals She had several wheals on her arm from where the needle had gone in.
  • wheat I need to buy some wheat flour.
  • wheel The wheel of my bicycle needs some air.
  • wheels I have new wheels for my car.
  • whelk The boy found a whelk shell on the beach.
  • whelm I am so overwhelmed with work that I fear it will whelm me.
  • whelp The dog is expected to whelp in the next two weeks.
  • whet
  • while She slept while her daughter was in the other room.
  • Whilst Whilst I am out, I would like you to take care of the dog.
  • whit I couldn't see a whit of my surroundings due to the thick fog.
  • whole I am grateful for my whole family.
  • wield
  • wilt In the summer, the flowers will wilt.

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