How to spell WHERS correctly?

We think the word whers is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell whers correctly

  • verse Now, Doctor, what ever possessed you to think that I had never read that verse?
  • verso This leaf is on the other side of the book.
  • waders
  • wares The store carried a wide selection of goods.
  • waters
  • wheels The wagon had four wheels.
  • where
  • whey I need to buy some whey protein powder to mix with my smoothie.
  • whir I heard a whirring sound coming from the room.
  • withers
  • worse I feel worse now that I know what he did.
  • Was
  • Hers
  • Whereas Whereas Susan never stays to enjoy the party, her brother usually does.
  • Whew After finishing the math test, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Whew!
  • Whose Who owns that dog?
  • Whoso Whosoever has anything to add in defense of their beliefs should do so now.
  • Wis
  • wires The wires in the wall were clearly old and tired.
  • Wars In wars, people often die.
  • wears She was still wearing her wedding gown.
  • weds
  • hears I heard someone shout outside.
  • wagers
  • wavers
  • whirs She heard a whirring noise coming from the sink.
  • veers
  • whirls The wind howled and the leaves whirled around me.
  • wets I'm not going out in this rain, it's going to get wet.
  • webs I'm going to websitethelibrary tomorrow.
  • heirs They are heirs to a great estate.
  • HES He said he saw a hawk in a tree.
  • WEES
  • WHEE
  • WOES
  • WHETS I was hoping to see whets in the grocery store today.
  • Weiss I am half-Jewish, so Weiss is my favorite food.
  • whens
  • whiners The whiners in the back row should stop complaining.
  • whores Don't bother calling them whores; they're just desperate women.
  • whalers
  • hoers I see a herd of horses over there, they look like they could use some help.
  • washers My parents used to wash the clothes by hand.
  • whorls The whorls on the seashell are amazing.
  • wishers Bethany wishes she could be more like her inner wishesgirl.
  • wheres Shut up, where's my cell phone.
  • wipers
  • weirs The river below the weirs was full of trout.
  • wheals
  • wafers I put the wafers in the oven.
  • who's

List of 14 words made from the word whers

3 letter words made from whers:

sew, hew, esr, res.

4 letter words made from whers:

rhew, sehr, resh, shwe, wehr, shew, wreh.

5 letter words made from whers:

whers, wersh, shrew.

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