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How to spell WHERY correctly?

If you meant to type "whery" but it turned out to be a misspelling, the correct spelling might be "where". It indicates a location or asks about one. Another possibility is "wherry", referring to a type of small boat. Verify the context to determine the intended word and meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell whery correctly

  • very
  • wary
  • watery The soup was too watery for my taste.
  • weary After a long day of work, she felt incredibly weary and just wanted to go home and rest.
  • Were I were not peeved.
  • WHEE "I shouted with glee as I went down the rollercoaster, yelling 'whee!
  • where
  • whereby We have implemented a new process whereby all orders are now reviewed for accuracy before they are shipped.
  • wheres
  • wherry The crew loaded the cargo onto the wherry and set off down the river.
  • Whew I am so exhausted from all the work that I just can't take it anymore. Whew!
  • whey The protein powder contained a high concentration of whey.
  • whir The sound of the fan gave a soft whir as it spun round and round.
  • why Why did you choose that movie?
  • winery I enjoyed my visit to the local winery and learned a lot about the wine-making process.
  • wiry I have a wiry little dog.
  • worry I worry about my brother every day.
  • wry I can't help but wry about the stupidity of humans.

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