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How to spell WHHY correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "whhy" instead of "why", don't worry; here are a few correct suggestions. "Why" is the correct spelling, conveying curiosity or seeking a reason. Ensure accurate typing by double-checking or using spell-checkers. Remember, "why" is an essential word when seeking answers and understanding the world around us.

List of suggestions on how to spell whhy correctly

  • Ahoy " Ahoy mateys, we've spotted land!" cried the captain.
  • hay
  • Hey
  • HWY I drove on HWY 101 to get to my destination.
  • SHH I'll just take a quick SHH before we start.
  • wary
  • washy I can't believe she just said that, it's so washy.
  • wavy She had wavy hair.
  • way I am considering the best way to achieve my goals.
  • wham I caught her surprisingly giving me a wham with her book.
  • What
  • WHEE As the roller coaster sped down the track, Jenny threw her arms up in the air and shouted, " Whee!
  • when When I get back, I will tell you all about my trip.
  • whet
  • Whew I can't believe we made it through that marathon without getting tired. Whew!
  • whey
  • whig The Whig Party was a political party in the United States that was active in the mid-19th century.
  • whim I decided to book a last-minute trip to Hawaii on a whim.
  • whiny The whiny child continuously complained about the food.
  • whip I will whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks.
  • whir
  • whit The snowdrifts were piled so high, they presented an unbroken expanse of whit.
  • whiz I'm going to go get some whiz for my pancakes.
  • who Who saved the day?
  • Whoa Didn't expect that to happen! Whoa!
  • Whom " Whom did you invite to the party?" asked the host.
  • whop The boxer let out a loud whop as he landed a powerful punch on his opponent's jaw.
  • whup I'll give you a good whup with my belt if you don't stop talking.
  • why I don't know why the light is on.
  • wily The wily fox carefully scoped out the henhouse before making his move.
  • winy I haven't seen her in a while, she looks pretty winy.
  • wiry The marathon runner had a wiry build and could easily tackle the hilly terrain.

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