How to spell WHICE correctly?

We think the word whice is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell whice correctly

  • choice I made the choice to eat a salad instead of a burger for lunch.
  • dice
  • ice I put ice in my water to keep it cold.
  • Lice Lice infestations can be quite troublesome and difficult to get rid of.
  • Mice The house was infested with mice, and they scurried around the kitchen at night.
  • nice It was nice to see you again.
  • rice
  • twice I have reminded you twice about the meeting tomorrow.
  • vice Gambling is one of his many vices.
  • vise I used a vise to firmly secure the pieces of wood together while I drilled holes through them.
  • voice I recognized her voice on the phone.
  • WHEE The kids were shouting "whee!" as they rode down the slide.
  • wheeze Her asthma caused her to wheeze loudly while running.
  • whence "He did not know whence the noise was coming from.
  • Which
  • whig The Whig party was a political party in the United Kingdom and United States during the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • while
  • Whiles Whiles he fled the room, she ate the pie.
  • whim On a whim, I decided to dye my hair pink.
  • WHIMS She followed her whims and ended up spending all her money on a spontaneous trip to Europe.
  • whine I'm sick of listening to your constant whine about your problems.
  • whiner I can't stand being around him because he's such a whiner.
  • whines The puppy whines every time his owner leaves the house.
  • Whinge I don't want to hear you whinge about it.
  • whip I'll give you a good whack with my whip.
  • whips She whips the cream until it's fluffy and thick.
  • whir I could hear the whir of the fan as it spun in the background.
  • whirs The sound of the blender whirs as it blends the ingredients smoothly.
  • whisk She used the whisk to beat the eggs for the omelette.
  • whist She knew how to play the piano and the guitar, but had never mastered the art of whist.
  • whit The snow covered the ground with a blanket of whit.
  • white One white rabbit hops happily through the field.
  • whiter After whitening my teeth, I felt much whiter.
  • Whites Many whites cling to the past.
  • whitey Do you have any whites?
  • whiz I have a million questions for you, but I won't bother because I think you're just a whiz at this.
  • who's Who's making lasagna for dinner?
  • Whose The party whose cake I ate was delicious.
  • wick The wick of the candle was barely tall enough to reach the flame.
  • wide The road ahead was long and wide.
  • wife After Billy passed out from drinking, his wife took the keys to the truck and drove him home.
  • wile She used her charming wiles to convince him to take her out to dinner.
  • wince Do I dare wince?
  • wine We were having wine for dinner.
  • wipe I need to wipe the table clean before we can eat dinner.
  • wire I couldn't mend the wire fence.
  • Wis I got a girl named Wis.
  • wise It is wise to think before you act.
  • WISER As I get older, I become wiser and more knowledgeable about the world.
  • wive She never puts anything in her wive's hair.
  • wiz Please stop using "wiz" to refer to yourself.

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