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How to spell WHIEH correctly?

If you've written "whieh" instead of "which", no worries! It happens to the best of us. Here are a few suggestions to tackle this misspelling: try typing slowly to avoid typos, use spell-check tools, proofread your work or consult an online dictionary for correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell whieh correctly

  • hie
  • high The balloon flew high in the sky.
  • weigh I will weigh myself before and after to see the difference.
  • WHEE The children screamed "WHEE!" as they rode on the roller coaster.
  • wheel I need to replace the tire on my bicycle wheel.
  • when When the sun rises, I will begin my day.
  • whet I needed to whet my sharp knife before I could slice the meat.
  • Whew " Whew, I made it just in time for the meeting!
  • whey I need to grab some whey protein for my post-workout shake.
  • Which I need a book which I can read in one go.
  • whiff I caught a whiff of cinnamon when I walked into the bakery.
  • whig
  • while The children played while the adults discussed the new plan.
  • whim I decided to dye my hair blonde on a whim.
  • whine I can't stand it when my younger brother starts to whine about not getting his way.
  • whiner She was a whiner about how hard her life was.
  • whiny I can't believe he's being so whiny about the fact that we're running a little behind schedule.
  • whip I need to whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks for the dessert.
  • whir I heard the whir of the fan as I entered the room.
  • whirl The leaves began to whirl around as the wind picked up.
  • whirs The sound of the ceiling fan whirs in the background as we watch the TV.
  • whit I couldn't find a sentence containing the word "whit", but perhaps you meant the word "white"?
  • white The snow on the mountain was dazzlingly white.
  • whiter After applying white paint to the walls, the room will look whiter.
  • whitey
  • whiz She was so quick on the draw that he barely had time to say "whiz" before she shot him in the head
  • wish I wish I could have a cup of coffee right now.
  • With With Jessi, we can have some really fun tonight.

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