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How to spell WHINNEY correctly?

If someone misspells "whinney" as "whiney", they may be corrected to "whinny" or "winny". The correct spelling refers to the sound a horse makes, not a complaint.

List of suggestions on how to spell whinney correctly

  • whine The children began to whine when they were told that they couldn't go to the park today.
  • Whined The child whined when his mom refused to buy him a new toy.
  • whiner
  • whines The dog whines every time it's left alone in the house.
  • Whinge I hate it when my coworkers whinge about everything instead of finding solutions to the problem.
  • Whinger The whinger said she had to take a leak.
  • whinier Stephen was whinier than usual after the argument with his fiancee.
  • Whinnied F stereo whinnied and leaped over the fence.
  • Whinnies The horse usually whinnies when it hears me coming.
  • whinny I heard a whinny from over the hill.
  • whiny I can't believe he would be so whiny about it.
  • whitney Whitney Houston was a very talented singer.
  • winner The winner of the race is the first person to finish.

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