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How to spell WHIPES correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "whipes", don't worry! A possible correct suggestion would be "wipes". Sometimes our fingers can slip on the keyboard, but that's easily fixed by replacing the incorrect letter with the correct one. Remember, it's important to strive for accurate spelling in our writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell whipes correctly

  • Hips
  • swipes She swipes her phone's screen to check her social media notifications.
  • Whiles Whiles he waited for his appointment, he decided to read a book.
  • whimpers The dog whimpers whenever he hears thunder.
  • whines The child whines every time he doesn't get his way.
  • whip I need a whisk to whip the cream for the dessert.
  • whipper
  • whippers
  • whippets The whippets chased each other around the park, their speed and agility making them difficult to catch.
  • whips I always keep a set of whips in my car.
  • whirs The sound of the blender whirs as it purees the ingredients for the smoothie.
  • whisper
  • whispers He could hear her whispers in the wind.
  • Whites The Whites have been historically privileged in society.
  • whops I accidentally dropped the bowl of chips and whops, they all ended up on the floor.
  • wipe I always wipe my desk clean before I start my homework.
  • wiper I need to replace the wiper blades on my car before the next rainstorm hits.
  • wipers The car's wipers were not working.
  • wipes She uses baby wipes to clean her face.

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