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How to spell WHISLING correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "whisling", fear not, as there are a couple of possible correct suggestions to help you out. The correct spelling and more commonly used term is "whistling", which refers to the sound produced by air passing through a small opening.

List of suggestions on how to spell whisling correctly

  • Chiseling The sculptor spent hours chiseling away at the block of marble to create his masterpiece.
  • wailing The sound of wailing filled the air as the mourners gathered around the casket.
  • Whaling Whaling was once a popular industry but is now heavily regulated.
  • wheeling The young boy was wheeling his bicycle down the street.
  • Whiling Whiling away the hours, the couple watched the sunset from the beach.
  • whirling The whirling blades of the helicopter made it difficult to hear anything else.
  • Whisking She was whisking the mixture vigorously to create the perfect texture.
  • whistling The sound of whistling wind on a cold winter day can be very eerie.
  • Whittling He spent the afternoon whittling a wooden statue from a block of basswood.
  • Whizzing
  • wiling She was wiling to work extra hours to meet the deadline.
  • willing
  • wising

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