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How to spell WHLEN correctly?

If you meant to type "whlen" but misspelled it, there are a few possible correct suggestions. It could be "when" if you were referring to a specific time. Another option is "whalen", a surname. However, without further context, it's challenging to determine the exact intended word. Double-checking the spelling is always a good idea!

List of suggestions on how to spell whlen correctly

  • allen
  • Ellen Ellen is one of the most popular talk show hosts in the US.
  • galen
  • glen The sun glistened off the clear water in the glen.
  • helen Helen visited her grandmother in the nursing home every Sunday.
  • Len I think that Len is a very strange name.
  • Olen
  • waken I always waken at the sound of the first bird outside my window.
  • Walden Walden Pond is a famous landmark in Massachusetts where Henry David Thoreau lived and wrote his book " Walden.
  • wale The wale of the sweater was ripped after catching on a nail.
  • Waled
  • wales
  • Ween The Ween band played at my high school prom.
  • wen She had a small wen on her neck that made her self-conscious.
  • whale The giant creature was so astonishing, I could only stare in wonder at the huge whale swimming in the water.
  • Whaled
  • whaler The whaler spent months at sea hunting for whales.
  • Whales I am fascinated by whales and would love to see one in person.
  • wheel I need to get my car's wheel alignment checked.
  • when
  • while I am cooking dinner while my daughter is at soccer practice.
  • Whiled
  • Whiles Whiles she was asleep, I managed to finish my project.
  • whiten I will use whitening toothpaste to whiten my teeth.
  • whole I bought a whole pound of grapes.
  • wholes
  • widen The government plans to widen the highway to reduce traffic congestion.
  • wile He devised a wile plan to escape the room undetected.
  • wiles
  • Wiley I bought Wiley a new bike.
  • woken I had been woken up by the sound of the alarm clock.
  • women
  • woolen I need some new socks, made of woolen fabric.
  • woven A cobweb woven between the beams in the ceiling.

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