How to spell WHOIE correctly?

If you inadvertently typed "whoie" instead of "whole", fret not, as auto-correct can be quite unpredictable. The correct suggestion for this misspelling is "whole". It's always a good idea to proofread your message before sending it to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell whoie correctly

  • hie I must hie to the store before they close.
  • howe The howe was filled with wildflowers in the springtime.
  • shoe
  • whale The humpback whale breaches out of the water in a magnificent display of strength and beauty.
  • WHEE " Whee!" exclaimed the child as he went down the water slide.
  • where
  • whig In the US, the Whig party was formed in opposition to President Andrew Jackson's policies.
  • while While I was walking my dog, I saw my neighbor's cat sitting on their front porch.
  • whim I bought that dress on a whim and now it's my favorite.
  • whine Stop your incessant whine and learn to appreciate what you have.
  • whip The chef used a whisk to whip the cream.
  • whir
  • whit The snowfall covered everything in a thick white blanket of whit.
  • white The walls in the living room are painted white.
  • whiz He's a whiz at math and can solve complicated equations in his head in no time.
  • who
  • who'd
  • who're
  • who's Who's coming to dinner tonight?
  • who've I have friends who've been to Japan and they loved it.
  • Whoa
  • whole
  • Whom
  • whoop I let out a whoop of excitement when I saw my favorite band take the stage.
  • whop The boxer delivered a powerful whop to his opponent's chin.
  • whorl
  • Whose Whose bag is this on the table?
  • Whoso
  • woe The child's woe caused her mother great pain.
  • Woke
  • Wore
  • Wove She wove a beautiful tapestry with intricate patterns and vivid colors.

Misspelling of the day


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  • apologist
  • apologize
  • apologized
  • apologizes
  • eulogized