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How to spell WHOISE correctly?

The likely correct spelling for "whoise" is "whose". This word is a possessive pronoun meaning belonging to or associated with the person or people denoted in the sentence. Examples: "Whose book is this?" or "Whose car is parked outside?"

List of suggestions on how to spell whoise correctly

  • hose I had to water the garden, so I turned on the hose.
  • OISE The OISE is a leading university in Toronto.
  • whisk
  • whist Maria played a quick game of whist with her friends after dinner.
  • who's Mindy who's going to the party with us.
  • whops I accidentally dropped the glass and heard a loud "whops" as it hit the ground.
  • Whose
  • Whoso
  • wise It is wise to think twice before making a decision.
  • worse I thought the day couldn't get any worse, but then it started to rain.

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