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How to spell WHOISING correctly?

If you find yourself struggling with the misspelling "whoising", worry not! The correct suggestions for this term could be "hoising", which means to lift or haul something heavy or "whiling", meaning to spend time in a leisurely or idle manner. Don't let misspellings hinder your communication; embrace the correct alternatives!

List of suggestions on how to spell whoising correctly

  • choiring The sound of joyful choiring filled the church as the choir sang their hymns.
  • choosing I am having a hard time choosing which restaurant to go to for dinner tonight.
  • hoisting The workers were hoisting heavy crates onto the truck.
  • horsing I saw James horsing around with his friends by the pool.
  • hosing I'm hosing down the driveway to clean off all the dirt and debris.
  • housing The government is working on providing affordable housing to those in need.
  • noising I can't concentrate with all that noising coming from the construction outside.
  • poising She was poising herself for the perfect jump.
  • whiling He was whiling away the time by reading a book.
  • whining I can't stand the sound of my neighbor's dog whining all night.
  • whisking She was whisking the eggs to make the perfect scrambled eggs.
  • whiting I caught a delicious whiting while fishing at the beach yesterday.
  • whomping I heard a whomping sound outside, and when I looked, I saw a huge tree branch had fallen.
  • whooping The child had a whooping cough and had to be taken to the doctor immediately.
  • whooshing The sound of the wind whooshing through the trees was deafening.
  • whopping The company announced a whopping increase in profits this year compared to the previous year.
  • whoring
  • wising She had a feeling that he was wising up to her tricks.

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