How to spell WHOKE correctly?

We think the word whoke is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell whoke correctly

  • awoke She awoke to the sound of the thunderstorm outside.
  • choke I almost choke on my coffee when I heard the news.
  • choker She wore a silver choker adorned with a tiny emerald at the center.
  • coke I prefer coke over other sodas.
  • hake
  • hike We're planning a hike in the mountains this weekend.
  • hokey The movie's hokey dialogue and over-the-top acting made it difficult to take seriously.
  • hooke
  • joke I heard a hilarious joke the other day that had me laughing for hours.
  • poke I had to poke the fire to keep it blazing.
  • toke After a long day at work, John likes to take a relaxing toke of his favorite strain.
  • wage I hope my new job pays a higher wage than my previous one.
  • wake I set my alarm clock to wake me up early tomorrow morning.
  • weak The little boy was too weak to carry the heavy box.
  • weaker My left arm is weaker than my right arm.
  • week
  • whack She delivered a hard whack to the piñata and candy scattered everywhere.
  • WHEE The children rode the rollercoaster and yelled "whee!" as it went down the steep drop.
  • whig George Washington was a Whig.
  • who Is he who I think he is?
  • who'd Who'd like to help me bake cookies for the school fundraiser?
  • who're
  • who's Who's that behind you?
  • who've I have several cousins who've traveled around the world.
  • Whoa Whoa, that's an impressive jump!
  • whole
  • Whom Whom should I report the parking violation to?
  • whop I'm going to whop you upside the head with this tennis racket.
  • Whose
  • wick The wick of the candle has burned down to the bottom.
  • wicker The patio furniture was made of finely woven wicker.
  • wiki I found the wiki page for the band.
  • woe My heart overflows with woe when I think about the loss of my beloved pet.
  • wog
  • wok
  • Woke
  • woken
  • Wore
  • work
  • worker The worker arrived on time and began his job diligently.
  • Wove The fabric was woven with thread made of cotton.
  • yoke The horse was wearing a heavy yoke.

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