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How to spell WHOKE correctly?

The correct spelling of "whoke" is "whole". Some possible suggestions to avoid this misspelling include using spell-check, proofreading, and referring to a dictionary or online resources for proper spelling. It's also helpful to practice spelling words correctly to improve one's spelling skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell whoke correctly

  • awoke She awoke to the sound of the thunderstorm outside.
  • choke I almost choke on my coffee when I heard the news.
  • choker She wore a silver choker adorned with a tiny emerald at the center.
  • coke I prefer coke over other sodas.
  • hake
  • hike We're planning a hike in the mountains this weekend.
  • hokey The movie's hokey dialogue and over-the-top acting made it difficult to take seriously.
  • hooke
  • joke I heard a hilarious joke the other day that had me laughing for hours.
  • poke I had to poke the fire to keep it blazing.
  • toke After a long day at work, John likes to take a relaxing toke of his favorite strain.
  • wake I set my alarm clock to wake me up early tomorrow morning.
  • WHEE The children rode the rollercoaster and yelled "whee!" as it went down the steep drop.
  • who Is he who I think he is?
  • who'd Who'd like to help me bake cookies for the school fundraiser?
  • who're
  • who's Who's that behind you?
  • who've I have several cousins who've traveled around the world.
  • Whoa Whoa, that's an impressive jump!
  • whole
  • Whom Whom should I report the parking violation to?
  • whop I'm going to whop you upside the head with this tennis racket.
  • Whose
  • woe My heart overflows with woe when I think about the loss of my beloved pet.
  • wok
  • Woke
  • woken
  • Wore
  • Wove
  • yoke The horse was wearing a heavy yoke.

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