Correct spelling for WHYAL

We think the word whyal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for whyal

  • loyal Who dare claim loyal service from him?
  • riyal Currency: Qatari riyal (plural-riyals); 1 Qatari riyal (QR) = 100 dirhams
  • royal Ther Mate's just sent to hinquire who it was made the fore royal fast.
  • veal Gastric juice, 198. Gelatin, in veal, 29; for bacteria culture, 293, 309. German proverb, 269. Germany, smallpox in, 197; typhoid in, 80 note.
  • vial "'The second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man....
  • wail Away in front of the line, in No Man's Land, was a bogged Tank, and Irish sentries heard a wail from it.
  • wale Introduce three weavers of No. 4 reed, and work five rows of 3-rod wale.
  • wall Joyce's voice came from the wall annunciator.
  • waylay He sent him off to Christiania to waylay James Allerdyke: he supplied him with a photograph of James Allerdyke, which Ebers procured."
  • weal The universal hatred which pursued a bad Caesar even beyond the grave, which erased his name from monuments and closed its eyes even to intervals of serious purpose for the general weal, was a terrible illustration of the lonely friendlessness of selfish power.
  • well Ye'll be better widout her, an' ye'll be gittin well an' strong agin.
  • whale 11,174. But when a man engages for the whale fishing, and asks for his first month's pay in advance, is it the case that, in point of fact, he generally gets it in cash, or does he generally take it in goods?
  • whaler Three days later wavelets were rippling on the beach, and I felt like a man just released from a long term of penal servitude when on the 15th of July the hull of a black and greasy whaler came stealing round the point where Stepan had passed so many anxious hours.
  • wheal "Yes," continued Mr Clearemout, with a sigh, "the confidence which I felt in Wheal Dooem has been much shaken of late, and the sooner your uncle sells out the better."
  • wheel You know the Second Mate sent me to the wheel, after that-" He nodded his head forrard.
  • while The lion's tail is foliated, while those of the winged beasts end in ludicrous dogs' or wolves' heads.
  • whirl Such was the whirl of my thoughts, and so great the confusion in my ideas from all I had just heard, that I felt myself implicitly following every direction of my cousin with a child-like obedience, of the full extent of which I became only conscious when I found myself seated at the table of the Salon, between my cousin Guy and an old, hard-visaged, pale-countenanced man, who he told me in a whisper was Vilelle the Minister.
  • whole She weaves fantastic belts of beads and sets the fashion for the whole North in chef d'oeuvres of the quills of the porcupine.
  • wholly They can deal with any other curer or shopkeeper they choose, and all our fishermen over islands can do the same, and at settlement receive their season's earnings wholly in cash.
  • whorl On the black rocks the gigantic rhubarb forms pale pyramidal towers a yard high, of inflated reflexed bracts, that conceal the flowers, and over-lapping one another like tiles, protect them from the wind and rain: a whorl of broad green leaves edged with red spreads on the ground at the base of the plant, contrasting in colour with the transparent bracts, which are yellow, margined with pink.
  • will What wonder, then, that on hearing that Leech had followed, Mrs. Thackeray Ritchie should have exclaimed, "How happy my father will be to meet him!"
  • withal It has the juste milieu, and withal does not suppress the sympathy which every good man must feel for the cause of freedom, in a manner which more than ever justifies the Loch Katrine boatman's opinion of his "terrible judgment."
  • wool 16,079. Was it made of fine wool or ordinary wool?
  • yale Wings, 254. Wounds, treatment of, 315-319. Yale.
  • yalu The Yalu River separates China from Corea, and by that entrance the Chinese came by sea, the land forces came from Manchuria.
  • yawl And upon a rotting yawl I sat down to think, shoulder to shoulder with the ghost of a dead commerce.
  • We'll Sturt, run close to the ledge there and we'll get out on it.
  • Val He honestly considered Val the cleverest woman in the world.
  • Ayala Ayala had already been made intimate with the magnificent saloons of the Tringles, and had been felt by Lady Tringle to be an attraction.
  • Willa "But if you geta the trantler bite," put in the Mexican herder, who had been listening, "you willa the dance until you drop down dead."
  • Y'all Y'all knows what I means; I got treated moh like de white folks den de res' of de' niggahs.
  • who'll Who'll look after you when you're married?

17 words made from the letters whyal

4 letter words made from whyal:

haly, yahl, ahly, wahl, wahy, hwyl, yawl, hyla.

3 letter words made from whyal:

haw, awl, yaw, why, lay, law, way, lah, hay.

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