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How to spell WIDDE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "widde" instead of the word you intended, here are some possible suggestions to consider. Perhaps you meant "wide", indicating a broad width. Another option could be "widow", referring to a woman whose spouse has passed away. Alternatively, "widdle" might imply something small or reduced in size.

List of suggestions on how to spell widde correctly

  • aide
  • bidder
  • bide
  • Gide The book Gide's Philosophy was written in the 1920s.
  • hide She tried to hide her smile but couldn't help it; she was just too happy.
  • kidd
  • Kidder I am a Kidder.
  • kiddie My niece is such a kiddie.
  • ride I want to go for a ride on my bike today.
  • side I will sit on the side of the road and wait for my ride.
  • tide The tide was coming in, bringing with it salty seawater and a host of creatures from the deep.
  • wadded
  • waddle The chubby little penguin began to waddle across the icy terrain towards the rest of his colony.
  • wade I had to wade through the shallow river to get to the other side.
  • wedded After years of dating, John and Jane finally wedded in a beautiful ceremony.
  • Wedder
  • wide The river is wide and shallow, making it perfect for fishing.
  • widen The company plans to widen their market share by expanding into new territories.
  • wider The wider the river became, the more difficult it was to cross.
  • widget Sarah has a new widget for her blog.
  • widow The widow was surrounded by her friends and family during the funeral.
  • width I would like the width to be doubled.
  • wife
  • wild I went on a wild camping trip with my friends.
  • Wilda
  • wilde Oscar Wilde was a renowned playwright and writer known for his wit and humor.
  • wilder Gary is a wilder than most people.
  • wile I'll wile away the time by reading.
  • wind The wind is so strong today that it is knocking over the trash cans.
  • winder I had to winder to get out.
  • windy I feel like I'm going to be caught in a windy storm later on.
  • wine
  • wipe He took a tissue to wipe away the tears.
  • wire The wire was tight and it took a lot of effort to free myself.
  • wise Only wise individuals can provide the appropriate solutions to complex problems.
  • wive

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