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How to spell WIDLY correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "widly", worry not, as we have some useful suggestions to help you correct it. The correct spelling is "widely", which means "extensively" or "broadly". Keep an eye on the "e" after "id" to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell widly correctly

  • idly I sat idly on the couch, scrolling through my phone.
  • twirly The little girl's twirly skirt spun around as she danced in the park.
  • weirdly She acted weirdly when I asked her about her sudden change in behavior.
  • wetly The dog shook itself wetly, spraying droplets of water all over the room.
  • wide I'm walking wide of the dog.
  • widely The use of smartphones is widely accepted in modern society.
  • wield
  • wild Yesterday, we saw a wild deer in the forest while on our hike.
  • wildly I laughed wildly when I saw the squirrels running around.
  • wile The wile of the fox caught the rabbit.
  • Wiley I read Wiley's latest book.
  • will I will write to him soon.
  • Willy Willy is the name of my pet rabbit.
  • wilt The flowers began to wilt after being left in the hot sun for too long.
  • wily The wily fox was able to outsmart the farmer and steal the chickens.
  • windily The windily walk made me feel a bit out of breath.

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