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How to spell WIERED correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "wiered", worry not! The correct version is "weird". So, next time, make sure to swap that misplaced "i" with an "e". It's a common mistake, but with a simple correction, you'll be on the right track with correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell wiered correctly

  • aired The new episode of the TV series will be aired next week.
  • fired
  • hired I was hired as a customer service representative for the new call center opening up.
  • Jeered The opposing team jeered and taunted throughout the entire match, making it difficult to concentrate.
  • Leered The creepy man leered at the young woman as she walked by.
  • mired The company found itself mired in legal troubles after violating environmental regulations.
  • Peered He peered out the window, looking for any sign of the other car.
  • Sired He sired a litter of six puppies.
  • tiered I have a tiered cake that I made for my party.
  • tired I am feeling very tired after staying up late studying.
  • Veered
  • Viewed I viewed the photos that you took of me.
  • Wagered She wagered her favorite scarf in a game of Texas Hold'em.
  • Warred The two countries had warred for over a decade before finally signing a treaty.
  • watered
  • Wavered The horse was shaking its head and wavered slightly on its feet.
  • weed I need to weed the garden before the summer rain starts.
  • weeded I spent all afternoon weeded the garden, pulling out the unwanted plants.
  • weened After she caught the ball, she weened it right back to him.
  • Were The werewolves were lurking in the shadows.
  • where
  • wheres " Wheres my keys, I can't find them?" asked John.
  • Whirred Whispered conversations turned into a tornado as the students started to whirred around the room.
  • wicked It was wicked of Ian to trick his friends like that.
  • wield He was able to wield a sword with great skill and accuracy.
  • wigged I'm afraid you are going to have to wear a wigged head for the photo session.
  • Willed She willed herself to get out of bed and go for a run despite feeling tired.
  • wined After a long day at work, she wined and dined herself with a glass of red wine and her favorite takeout.
  • winged The majestic eagle with its dark brown feathers and winged prowess swooped through the sky.
  • Wiped I wiped the cake clean with a tissue.
  • wire Can you pass me the wire cutters?
  • wired I feel wired and restless after drinking too much coffee.
  • wires The wires connecting the battery to the engine were broken.
  • wised Even though she was only eleven, she already wised up to her parents' tactics.
  • Wished I wished for a cake, but got a pie instead.
  • Withed The flower withed in the sun without water.
  • withered The withered trees make an eerie sight in the forest.
  • Witted She was quick-witted and always had a clever response to any challenge.
  • Wived He wived his high school sweetheart and they have been happily married for 20 years.

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