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How to spell WINGEING correctly?

If you are trying to spell "whingeing", here are some correct suggestions: "whining", "complaining", "grumbling", "moaning" or "carping". All of these words describe someone who is constantly complaining or expressing dissatisfaction. So next time you want to use this word, make sure you spell it correctly!

List of suggestions on how to spell wingeing correctly

  • Singeing The smell of singeing hair filled the room as she accidentally burned her bangs while trying to light the candles.
  • swingeing The government announced swingeing spending cuts that would affect all public services.
  • swinging The children were swinging on the playground's monkey bars.
  • Tingeing The sunrise was tingeing the sky with a beautiful shade of pink.
  • Twinging As she crossed her legs, a sharp pain began twinging in her knee.
  • whingeing
  • Wincing I couldn't help wincing when the dentist started drilling my teeth.
  • winding
  • wingding Just wingding around will do.
  • Winging She had no plan, no itinerary, and was just winging it in Europe.
  • wining She was convinced she was going to be wining the game until the very end.
  • winking She gave him a winking smile.
  • winning Winning the championship was the pinnacle of their success.
  • Wringing After wringing the water out of the towel, she hung it up to dry.

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