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How to spell WINNIING correctly?

A possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "winniing" can be "winning". Another suggestion can be "victory" or "success". It is important to proofread and spell check documents to avoid making such errors, as they can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell winniing correctly

  • Binning I am currently binning all of the recyclable items in the house.
  • Dinning The sound of dinning utensils echoed through the empty dining hall.
  • Ginning The farmers were ginning their cotton crops to prepare them for sale.
  • inning The pitcher was able to hold the opposing team to zero runs in the final inning.
  • pinning I am pinning pictures from my vacation on the cork board.
  • sinning He was struggling with his faith and was worried about sinning again.
  • tinning The chef was tinning the frog legs.
  • twinning My sister and I are twinning in our matching outfits.
  • Whinnying I could hear the horses whinnying in the distance.
  • winching The crew was winching the heavy equipment off the truck.
  • Wincing She was wincing in pain as the doctor cleaned the wound.
  • winding I always enjoy a good winding at the park.
  • wingding After dinner we decided to wingding at the pub.
  • Winging I was winging my way through the test, hoping to get at least a passing score.
  • wining
  • winking She smiled and winking at him, turned and walked away.
  • winning
  • winnings She used her winnings from the casino to buy a new car.
  • winnowing The process of winnowing helped separate the wheat from the chaff.

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