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How to spell WIPPED correctly?

If you find yourself typing "wipped" instead of "whipped", worry not! Here are some correct alternatives to remember: "whiped", "whoppet" or "whelped". These options resemble the intended word and would ensure your text stays error-free. Keep practicing, and soon the correct spelling will become second nature!

List of suggestions on how to spell wipped correctly

  • biped As a biped, humans have evolved to walk upright on two legs.
  • chipped He chipped his tooth while chewing on a hard candy.
  • dipped I dipped my carrot sticks in the hummus.
  • hipped The hipped roof of the house gave it a unique look.
  • lipped The curves of her lipped smile were irresistible.
  • Nipped I nipped my finger while I was cutting the vegetables.
  • Piped The smell of freshly baked cookies piped through the house, making everyone's mouths water.
  • Pipped The underdog team pipped the reigning champions to win the championship.
  • Quipped "I'm not sure I want to try that," quipped my sister as I suggested we go bungee jumping.
  • ripped He ripped his shirt while attempting to climb the fence.
  • Shipped The package was shipped from the warehouse on Monday and arrived at its destination on Wednesday.
  • Sipped She sipped her coffee slowly as she read the morning newspaper.
  • Swapped I swapped my phone with my sister's so she could use the one with a bigger screen.
  • Swiped
  • tipped He tipped his hat to greet the arriving guests.
  • upped I upped my workout routine to prepare for the upcoming marathon.
  • warped The wooden frame of the painting had become warped over time.
  • Whipped
  • whipper
  • whippet A whippet is a medium-sized sighthound breed that originated in England.
  • whopped He got whopped on the head with the baseball bat.
  • wined He wined and dined her all night, hoping to impress her with his fancy taste.
  • wipe I need to wipe off the counter before I start cooking.
  • Wiped I just wiped the table with a cloth.
  • wiper The wiper on my car is not working, making it difficult to see in the rain.
  • wipes I always carry wipes with me when I go out so that I can clean my hands at any time.
  • wired I'm feeling so wired after drinking three cups of coffee.
  • wised As I grew older, I wised up and began making better decisions.
  • Wived John wived a woman from France and they now live in Paris.
  • wrapped I love getting wrapped up in a good book.
  • yipped She yipped when he unexpectedly spun her around.
  • zipped I zipped my coat up to my chest to avoid the cold.

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