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How to spell WITING correctly?

If you're attempting to spell "writing" but somehow end up with "witing", fear not! The correct spelling is just a few keystrokes away. Remember to replace the "i" with an "r" to form the correct word. Keep practicing, and soon, you'll be a pro at writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell witing correctly

  • biting The mosquito's biting sting left a red mark on my skin.
  • Citing Citing sources is an important part of any academic writing.
  • kiting The salesman was accused of kiting following an investigation into the multiple fraudulent cash deposits made into his bank account.
  • siting The siting of the new factory was strategically chosen to be close to both suppliers and customers.
  • voting
  • wading
  • waiting I have been waiting for over an hour for my appointment.
  • wetting I was concerned about wetting my clothes while walking in the rain.
  • whiting The recipe called for a pound of fresh whiting.
  • wiling
  • wilting
  • wining
  • Wiping She was wiping the dust off the windowsill with a wet rag.
  • wiring The electrician checked the wiring to make sure it was correctly installed.
  • wising
  • Withing
  • witting With the ability to understand what others are saying, the witting individual is easily able to deceive them.
  • Wiving The arrangement included monogamous wiving, but not a legal marriage.
  • writing

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