Correct spelling for WLAKING

We think the word wlaking is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for wlaking

  • Locking(Definition of locking)
  • Frantically he fought, locking his air passage so his last lungful couldn't escape.

  • Blacking(Definition of blacking)
  • He drew a long breath of relief when he was conducted into the sitting-room, where his mother was waiting for him guarded by two more robbers, whose hands and faces were covered with something that looked like shoe-blacking.

  • Balking(Definition of balking)
  • Quite a combination of circumstances had favoured the escape of the four forzados-the balking of the horses, the absence of dominguez, and the relaxed vigilance of the guards-from their brains bemuddled with drink.

  • Waking(Definition of waking)
  • Lucking
  • Leaking(Definition of leaking)
  • Outside in the wet dusk they boarded an electric car, lilly and her mother crammed on a rear platform of the wet overcoats, leaking umbrellas, and wet-smelling mackintoshes of dinner-bound st. louis.

  • Slaking(Definition of Slaking)
  • Calking(Definition of Calking)
  • We put in two days cutting wood and calking and mudding the shanty wherever the chinking and mud had been worked out by squirrels and other small animals.

  • Slacking(Definition of slacking)
  • Clacking(Definition of Clacking)
  • They spoke together in clacking bass voices.

  • Lacking
  • Rifles were still lacking, but they were not long in being supplied.

  • Looking(Definition of looking)
  • On looking at him, to my surprise i recognised monsieur planterre himself.

  • Walking(Definition of walking)
  • Liking(Definition of liking)
  • They knew richard in camden, and they knew ethelyn, too, liking both so well, that the result of that speech was to increase richard's popularity tenfold, and to carry in his favor the entire town.

  • Cloaking(Definition of Cloaking)
  • That object was accomplished; the church shook them off. but imbecilities make an irresistible appeal to man; he inevitably tries to preserve them by cloaking them with religious sanctions.

  • Lurking(Definition of lurking)
  • Flaking
  • But the ameba things came on in ever-increasing throngs, creatures that gnawed and slobbered at the anti-entropy, eating into it, flaking it away, drilling their way through it.

  • Lagging(Definition of lagging)
  • Graham galloped out beyond the last lagging trooper, and with a cry that smote the hearts of those that heard it he shouted, "hilland!"

  • Talking(Definition of talking)
  • Larking
  • He told his wife that a practical joker must be larking with him.

  • Licking(Definition of licking)
  • No doubt he would have done so, had there been nothing else on the spot to take off his attention; but just as he came into the open ground, his eyes fell upon the ant-eaters, where they lay squatted and licking up the termites.

130 words made from the letters wlaking

4 letter words made from wlaking:

inga, gank, klin, akin, kali, knla, lank, gwan, wink, kagi, kwgn, kail, gila, waki, gain, glik, klan, alwi, kawi, kwai, glan, laik, aliw, kiga, anil, wain, gwil, gnal, gaki, ling, lawi, ikaw, gaik, gwal, agni, walk, wail, link, inwa, wing, kiln, kina, lagi, awni, nail, nagi, glia, lawk, king, waln, lawn, gnaw, kwan, nawk, gawk, kgil, ilna, wank, nagl, lika.

3 letter words made from wlaking:

ilk, iga, ail, wan, ali, lan, wig, gal, lag, kin, nig, nil, ink, win, awl, ani, law, nag, gin, awn, lin, wag, kwa, ain.

5 letter words made from wlaking:

kaing, aling, klina, kilwa, kiang, walki, align, gawli, klain, glaik, wakin, awing, wagin, walin, kiwan, ligan, wanli, kling, wiang, galik, aking, langi, ilang, kagin, iklwa, wangi, laing, liwan, kinga, wigal, algin, klang, wilga, lawin, gilan, glina.

6 letter words made from wlaking:

glinka, gawlik, walkin, waking, laking, klinga, lingka, kinlaw, kaling.

7 letter words made from wlaking: