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How to spell WODDEN correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "wodden", it is essential to correct this error to maintain clarity. The correct spelling is "wooden", referring to an object made of wood. By using the correct spelling, we ensure effective communication and avoid confusion, especially when discussing wooden furniture or structures.

List of suggestions on how to spell wodden correctly

  • Bidden He had bidden farewell to his friends before leaving.
  • Borden Lizzie Borden was famously accused of murdering her parents with an axe.
  • hidden The treasure was hidden deep within the cave, waiting to be discovered.
  • hoyden The hoyden girl was always up for an adventure and never cared about getting dirty.
  • madden Tom's constant interruptions during the meeting were enough to madden everyone in the room.
  • midden Archaeologists discovered a midden, or garbage dump, that contained ancient artifacts and bone fragments.
  • redden My cheeks began to redden when I was embarrassed in front of my crush.
  • ridden He had ridden his bike to work for the past five years.
  • sadden The news of his friend's death would sadden him deeply.
  • sodden I was so sodden that my clothes stuck to my skin.
  • sudden The crash was a sudden shock.
  • wadded She wadded up the piece of paper and threw it into the trash can.
  • Walden "Walden" is a book written by Henry David Thoreau about his two years living in isolation near Walden Pond.
  • warden He was appointed a warden of the realm.
  • wedded John and Mary were wedded in a beautiful ceremony last Saturday.
  • Wedder She lost her wedder in the storm.
  • widen
  • woken
  • women There were many women at the conference representing various fields of research.
  • wonder I wonder what her tattoo means.
  • wooded The wooded area around the house is a great place to relax.
  • wooden I got a wooden spoon for my birthday.
  • Woodmen The Woodmen of the World are a fraternal society.
  • woolen I need to wear my woolen sweater because it's cold outside.
  • Wooten Wooten was originally from Louisiana and has a love for the southern cooking.
  • Worded She worded her apology carefully, hoping to express her regret fully.
  • worsen The situation seemed to worsen with each passing day.
  • woven The fabric in the shirt is woven.

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