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How to spell WOEKED correctly?

"Worked" is the correct spelling of the word. Some other possible suggestions include "woked" or "woke", but these may not be appropriate in the context. It is best to stick with the tried and true spelling of "worked" to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell woeked correctly

  • booked I have already booked a ticket for the concert.
  • Cocked The hunter always had his rifle cocked and ready to shoot.
  • coked
  • cooked
  • corked The bottle was corked, preventing me from drinking it.
  • docked The ship docked at the port early in the morning.
  • Eked I can't believe I just said that, eked out a smile and walked away.
  • forked Twila was forked over when she tripped over Eric's foot.
  • hocked I had to visit the pawnshop because I hocked my jewelry to pay for my bills.
  • hooked Ever since I tried fishing, I've been hooked on it.
  • Joked She joked with her coworkers, trying to ease the tension in the room.
  • locked I realized I had locked myself out of the house when I heard the door click shut behind me.
  • Looked I looked at the picture of me and my sister and we both had a smile on our face.
  • Mocked I was mocked for wearing my soccer uniform to school.
  • peeked She sneakily peeked through the window to see who was outside.
  • pocked The old man's face was pocked with scars from his years working in the coal mines.
  • Poked I poked her with my finger and she giggled.
  • Reeked The smell of unwashed clothes reeked throughout the room.
  • Rocked
  • Rooked I feel like I have been totally rooked by that salesman.
  • soaked After standing in the rain for an hour, my clothes were completely soaked.
  • Waked I waked up early to prepare for my final exams.
  • Walked I walked downtown to get some breakfast.
  • weed
  • weeded
  • weekend I have a busy weekend planned.
  • weened I was thirsty, but I couldn't drink because I was weened.
  • Whelked The surface of the clam was rough and whelked.
  • wicked
  • Winked He winked at me from across the room.
  • Woke I woke up early this morning to get a head start on my day.
  • woken She was woken up early by the sound of her phone buzzing.
  • wooded I love visiting the wooded area near my house.
  • Wooed She was wooed by his charming personality and sweet gestures.
  • Worded I have a worded response for that.
  • Worked I worked a nine-to-five job for years.
  • worker The worker was busy finishing his task within the given deadline.
  • Wormed After the gerbil got wormed, it needed to be treated for the parasite.
  • wowed
  • Wreaked He had wreaked revenge on his enemies.
  • wrecked The storm wrecked our backyard, leaving fallen trees and debris everywhere.
  • Yoked

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