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How to spell WOEKING correctly?

If you've accidentally written "woeking" instead of "working", fear not! Here are some handy suggestions to correct the misspelling. Double-check your spelling, use the auto-correct feature or consult a dictionary to find the precise spelling. Remember, even the best writers encounter typos from time to time, so don't worry too much!

List of suggestions on how to spell woeking correctly

  • booking I made a booking for a hotel room in advance of my trip.
  • Cocking
  • coking The process of coking coal creates coke, which is used as a fuel in various industries.
  • cooking Cooking is an enjoyable activity that can bring people together.
  • corking The wine was corking in my glass.
  • docking I will be docking my boat at the marina.
  • Eking He was eking out a meager living by selling his homemade crafts.
  • forking I realized I had taken the wrong path when I saw the forking trail.
  • hocking After hocking the ball in the air, he caught it in his hand.
  • hooking I am hooking up the cable to the TV.
  • joking I was just joking when I said I had a crush on you.
  • locking I heard a sound of a door locking behind me.
  • looking I have been looking for my lost wallet all day.
  • mocking She was angry at him for mocking her in front of her friends.
  • peeking I was peeking through the keyhole and saw them kiss.
  • peking The Forbidden City in Beijing is said to be the similar to the Palace of Peking in China.
  • poking I was poking around in the attic looking for old photos.
  • reeking The trash left in the hallway was reeking so badly that everyone had to hold their breath.
  • Rocking The baby was rocking gently in her mother's arms.
  • Rooking
  • seeking I am seeking revenge on him.
  • soaking
  • socking
  • waking I always feel groggy when waking up early in the morning.
  • walking I enjoy walking in the park early in the morning.
  • Weeding It's time to get out the weeding tools, the sun is beating down hard on the plants.
  • weening The weening process of a young child from breastfeeding can be a difficult transition for both the child and the mother.
  • weeping She stood there, weeping silently, as the news of her mother's death hit her hard.
  • winking
  • Wooding I am wooding today.
  • wooing Jeff was wooing her with his charm.
  • wording The wording on the sign indicated that the horse was for guided tours.
  • working I'm working on a project for class.
  • workings The workings of the new machine were revealed during its demonstration.
  • Worming The vet recommended worming my dog every six months to keep him healthy.
  • wowing I was wowing by the stunning view from the top of the mountain.
  • Wreaking The hurricane was wreaking havoc on the coastal town, causing massive damage to homes and businesses.
  • wrecking The sound of the wrecking ball hitting the building echoed through the city streets.
  • Yoking He is yoking two oxen together to pull the plow.

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