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How to spell WOLDE correctly?

The correct spelling for "wolde" is "would". It is a common grammatical error made when using old English syntax in modern English writing. Other possible correct suggestions that would make sense in context could include "world", "weld" or "wold."

List of suggestions on how to spell wolde correctly

  • lode The miner struck a rich lode of gold deep in the mine.
  • old My grandparents have an old house that is full of history.
  • older My older sister is five years my senior.
  • oldie
  • vole I heard a mouse in the kitchen, must be a vole!
  • wade The kids decided to wade in the shallow water of the lake.
  • Wald
  • Walden I am currently reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
  • Waldo Waldo the cat is waiting for you in the living room.
  • wale The wale of the fabric was very pronounced, adding depth and texture to the design.
  • weld The weld on the metal gate was so strong that it couldn't be easily broken.
  • Welded Welded together, the pieces looked like they could fly apart at any moment.
  • welder I need a welder to fix my rusty car.
  • whole The whole class was unanimous in their decision.
  • wide I have a large room which is quite wide.
  • wild The wild dog roamed freely through the forest.
  • Wilda My cousin, Wilda, is a wild child.
  • wilde She wore a wilde fancy dress to the party.
  • wilder The wilderness is getting wilder by the day.
  • wile
  • woad The Woad Plant is used to dye fabrics a beautiful blue color.
  • wold The lone wold howled into the night.
  • wolfe
  • wolfed I wolfed down my ice cream and felt sick afterwards.
  • wood He built a sturdy table out of solid wood.
  • word I can't believe that I forgot to write down my word for today.
  • world
  • worlds There are many fascinating worlds in science fiction literature.
  • would If it would improve your health, you should eat less sugar.

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