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How to spell WOR correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "wor" instead of "word", fear not! Auto-correct can sometimes frustrate us, but here are a few suggestions to rectify the error: "word", "wore", "work", "worn" or "worm". Proofreading before sending prevents such inadvertent misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell wor correctly

  • Cor
  • Nor I don't like pizza, nor do I like pasta.
  • or Do you want ice cream or cake for dessert?
  • tor
  • war The country suffered devastating losses during the war.
  • woe She cried out in woe as she received the devastating news.
  • wog
  • wok I used my wok to stir-fry vegetables and chicken for dinner.
  • won Joe won first place in the race.
  • woo I will woo her with my charming personality.
  • word I cannot hear a word he's saying.
  • Wore Yesterday, I wore a yellow dress to my friend's wedding.
  • work I have to work late tonight to finish my project.
  • worm There is a worm on the log.
  • worn My shoes are so old and worn that I need to buy a new pair.
  • wort One of the primary ingredients used in making beer is wort, which is the liquid extracted from malted grains during the brewing process.
  • Wot
  • wow
  • XOR You can "XOR" two bytes to produce a 128-bit result.

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