Correct spelling for WOREED

We think the word woreed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for woreed

  • bored In that way you escape being bored with many of the foolish things that are said.
  • breed And you had something about a certain breed of cattle near Rome-Rome, was it?"
  • creed The Rajput belief that honest service-unselfishly given-is the greatest gift that any man may bring-that one who has received what he considers favors will serve the giver's son-was an unknown creed to him as yet.
  • freed By the Broken Lock that freed me, I am sure, Little Brother.
  • greed With frankness they confess- Their only motive is their want and greed.
  • reed His long frame seemed to shake like a reed as he stood cautiously inside the bolted door and called out: "Who's there?"
  • treed Altogether, the afternoon was drawing to its close when, rounding a bluff that had been in view before me for some time, I came in sight of what I felt sure to be Ravensdene Court, a grey-walled, stone-roofed Tudor mansion that stood at the head of a narrow valley or ravine-dene they call it in those parts, though a dene is really a tract of sand, while these breaks in the land are green and thickly treed-through which a narrow, rock-encumbered stream ran murmuring to the sea.
  • varied "I never met a man with so much information and of so varied a character," writes one of his fellow-workers.
  • warmed Circumstances had been happier for her of late: her father had been strange, but at the same time affectionate; she had been fed, too, and warmed; and, oh!
  • warped It is all rasped, and warped, and unlovely.
  • wearied The scene was one of which he never wearied; indeed, its familiarity had charms for him greater and higher than mere picturesque beauty can bestow.
  • weed "Yes, it's sea-weed," said Josh contemptuously.
  • whorled -Mostly alternate on the flowering stems, but smaller and broader ones often opposite or whorled on the procumbent shoots; linear; smooth.
  • wired Have wired the agent to furnish escort and conveyance.
  • wooded A wooded island lay in the deep-blue waters.
  • word The right word must get to her in the right way.
  • world "Where in the world did you come from?
  • worried Dear Grace, don't be worried.
  • Gored At length, with a furious effort that he made, he trampled one of his foes beneath his feet, and gored a second to that degree that his bowels came through the wound, and at the same moment the cord, which had hitherto confined him, snapped asunder, and let him loose upon the affrighted multitude.
  • Veered The strength of the gale was now over, and toward evening the little wind that blew insensibly veered round to the E., where it continued but a short time before it got to N.E., and increased to a very hard gale with rain.
  • Warred On the fourth morn I found, dropping sea foam on the wide stair, And hung with slime, and whispering in his hair, That demon dull and unsubduable; And once more to a day-long battle fell, And at the sundown threw him in the surge, To lie until the fourth morn saw emerge His new healed shape: and for a hundred years So warred, so feasted, with nor dreams nor fears, Nor languor nor fatigue: and endless feast, An endless war.
  • Warded Then the old man warded him; in sooth he was brave enow.
  • Warned "You hear me," he warned.
  • Wore The day wore gloomily away at Russell.
  • Whirred It was evident that the paving was very greasy, but all the cabs that passed through my cylinder were going at a round trot, while the wheels, shod in rubber, whirred merely like bicycles.
  • Wooed Also when a woman is created, the winds have wooed star-dust, rose-dew, peach-down, and a few flint-shavings into a whirlwind of deviltry, and the world at large looks on in wonder and sore amazement, as well as breathless interest.
  • Worded Next day he received a briefly-worded summons from Mrs. Warwick.
  • Worked You worked till you had had enough of work.
  • Wormed He had not wormed his way into her heart by pitying her unhappiness, like the false guest who had emptied his lies into her ears.
  • Pored You who have pored over the story of the Turk; who have dreamed of him as a gloomy enthusiast, hating, spurning, and slaying all who do not believe and call upon the Prophet; "One of that saintly, murderous brood, To carnage and the Koran given, Who think through unbelievers' blood Lies their directest path to Heaven;" come quickly, for that description of Turk is passing away.
  • pureed Cooked chestnuts, either whole, chopped, or pureed, may be frozen in an airtight container and held up to 9 months.
  • cored Take a quart of the juyce of Quince, and when it is on the fire, put into it, pared, quartered and Cored as much Quince, as the juyce will cover; when it is boiled tender, pass the Liquor through a sieve & put the pulp into a stone Mortar, and beat it very fine with a Woodden Pestel; then weigh it, and to every pound of pulp, take a quarter of a pound of loaf Sugar, and boil it up to a candy-height in some of the juyce, which you passed through the sieve; then put therein your pulp, stirring it well together, till it hath had one boil and no more; Then drop it on glasses, or spread it on plates, and set it to dry.
  • wowed
  • tracheides Polyporus fulvus is remarkable because its hyphae destroy the middle lamella, and thus isolate the tracheides in the timber of firs; Polyporus borealis also produces disease in the timber of standing conifers; Polyporus igniarius is one of the commonest parasites on trees such as the oak, etc., and produces in them a disease not unlike that due to the last form mentioned; Polyporus dryadeus also destroys oaks, and is again remarkable because its hyphae destroy the middle lamella.

42 words made from the letters woreed

4 letter words made from woreed:

doer, word, drew, deer, weer, deor, wroe, oder, reed, weed, ower, dero, owed, redo, ered, ewer.

3 letter words made from woreed:

edo, wee, ewe, dew, wed, doe, woe, ore, roe, row, red, dre, owe, rod, ode, oed.

5 letter words made from woreed:

werde, rewed, dewer, roede, owere, weero, dower, wrede, erode, roewe.

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