How to spell WORES correctly?

If you meant "words", the correct spelling suggestion would be "words". However, if you meant a different word, it's difficult to know without context. Some other suggestions could be "wires", "worse" or "wares."

List of suggestions on how to spell wores correctly

  • bores She has tried to make the class interesting, but unfortunately it still bores him.
  • cores The computer processor contains multiple cores to increase its processing power.
  • gores I was surprised when I saw the gores on the deer.
  • mores The mores of the community require respect for elders.
  • ORES The mine produced rich ores of gold and silver.
  • pores The pores on my face became clogged after using a heavy moisturizer.
  • sores The athlete complained of painful sores on his feet after running the marathon.
  • wares The market vendor proudly displayed his wares on the table for the passing customers.
  • wheres " Wheres my phone?" asked Sarah as she frantically searched the house.
  • whores
  • wires
  • WOES The company faced financial woes after losing their biggest client.
  • words She carefully chose her words before giving her opinion on the subject.
  • Wore
  • works She works hard to provide for her family.
  • WORMS The birds were pecking at the ground, searching for worms to eat.
  • Worries I have many worries about the future.
  • worse I fear that things may get worse in the future.

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