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How to spell WORKEN correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "worken" instead of "working", don't fret! Auto-correct or some other tools might overlook this error. To rectify it, consider these correct suggestions: "working", "workin'", "worker" or "worked". Remember to proofread your texts before sending to avoid such typos!

List of suggestions on how to spell worken correctly

  • Awoken
  • oaken The oaken table was sturdy enough to hold the weight of several heavy books.
  • token I received a token of appreciation from my coworker for staying late to finish the project.
  • waken The bright sunlight streaming through the window helped waken him up from his deep sleep.
  • weaken The continuous exposure to the extreme weather conditions can weaken the structure of the building.
  • Woke I woke up early this morning to exercise.
  • woken I have woken up early to catch the sunrise.
  • women Women have made significant strides in the fight for gender equality.
  • work I will have to work late tonight to meet my deadline.
  • Worked I worked hard to finish my project before the deadline.
  • worker The construction worker hammered away at the wooden planks to build the frame of the house.
  • workers The workers at the factory have been working overtime to meet the production deadline.
  • working
  • workman The workman arrived early to begin repairing the broken fence.
  • Workmen The workmen arrived early in the morning to start on the construction site.
  • works The team works together to achieve their common goals.
  • worn My shoes are worn out and need to be replaced.
  • worsen The political situation in the country continues to worsen every day.
  • woven The basket was intricately woven with various colors of yarn.

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