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How to spell WORLY correctly?

If you mistakenly type out "worly", fear not! The correct suggestion may vary based on context. If it refers to a name, "Worley" could be appropriate. However, if it appears in the sense of something being bothersome or chaotic, "worldly" or "worry" might be fitting alternatives.

List of suggestions on how to spell worly correctly

  • dourly She frowned and looked dourly out of the window.
  • holy My grandfather is a holy man.
  • hourly I am paid hourly for my part-time job.
  • morley After leaving the restaurant, I decided to stop by Morley's for a quick snack.
  • oily I feel oily after I apply my sunscreen.
  • orly She always dresses in an elegant orly.
  • poorly He looked poorly.
  • sourly The teacher looked at the student sourly when he got the math problem wrong, making him feel embarrassed.
  • swirly The artist's painting had swirly patterns that gave it a unique and exciting look.
  • twirly The twirly pattern on the dress caught everyone's attention.
  • wally I always feel safe with Wally around.
  • wanly She smiled wanly as she struggled to hide her disappointment.
  • warily The detective moved warily towards the suspect, unsure of what he might do next.
  • warmly She put her arms around him and warmly hugged him.
  • wary
  • wetly The dog shook himself wetly after jumping into the lake.
  • wholly The success of the project is wholly dependent on the cooperation of all team members.
  • whorl The whorl of her hair was twisted into a tight bun.
  • whorls The seashells I collected had beautiful whorls.
  • Willy I regret to inform you that Willy is no longer with us.
  • wily The wily fox avoided capture by the hunter.
  • wiry She has a wiry personality.
  • WKLY
  • wobbly My stomach was queasy from the wobbly walk.
  • wold The wold was blanketed in a thick layer of snow, creating a serene winter landscape.
  • wolf
  • wool I'm allergic to wool, so I can't wear those sweaters.
  • woolf In Woolf's novel "Mrs. Dalloway," the protagonistMrs.
  • woolly The sheep was so fluffy that its woolly coat looked like a cloud.
  • word Dad always keeps a word in reserve for us kids.
  • wordily The wordily girl was slower than the others and was left behind.
  • wordy I'm not sure this email is wordy enough.
  • Wore
  • work
  • world Do you know the world's smallest country?
  • worm Someone left a worm in my apple.
  • wormy I always feel a bit wormy when I'm in the company of other people.
  • worn I've grown out of my worn clothes.
  • worry I always worry about my grades before exams.
  • wort I am brewing beer and need to add some wort to the kettle.
  • worthy Anyone who is worthy of your love is welcome in your home.
  • would
  • wryly "She wryly commented on his dubious excuse for missing the meeting.

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