Correct spelling for WRAPE

We think the word wrape is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for wrape

  • Wraps
  • "i'll run on and help her with her wraps.

  • Wrap
  • Let me put this wrap about you.

  • Drape
  • She watched him take off his jacket, drape it over his arm, and knock on the ops room door, then saw the door open for him before she let herself into their room.

  • Rope
  • He's done well in the rope business, hasn't he?

  • Rae
  • Rae says: "ouglibuck was in a great fright when we came up with him, and was crying like a child, but expressed his readiness to return, and pleaded sickness as an excuse."

  • Rupee
  • When a man is dying they put basil leaves and boiled rice and milk in his mouth, and a little piece of gold, or if they have not got gold they put a rupee in his mouth and take it out again.

  • Crape
  • I could not make up my mind until lately what to do, explained agnes, sitting down gracefully, and while i accepted his money it appeared to me that i ought to show his memory the outward respect of crape and all the rest of it.

  • Reap
  • Lygon wished to forget, but dupont remembered, and meant now to reap fresh profit by the remembrance.

  • Ape
  • How are we to come into the place where this great ape lives?

  • Warp
  • So it was necessary to use linen thread for the warp.

  • Draper
  • His early manhood was spent in london as a "linen-draper," but in friendly conversation with the best clerical and literary society.

  • Ripe
  • His plans were not yet ripe.

  • Wrapper
  • This wrapper shows a ghostly knight in armour leading a charge of british cavalry in this war.

  • Serape
  • I must have been conscious, however, during my slumber, of my inability to keep myself covered by the serape; for i awoke once or twice, clutching it with a despairing hand as it was disappearing over the foot of the couch.

  • Rep
  • Into another room we went, full of berlin wool-work chairs, and screens of potiphar and his wife, and the curtains were of green rep with ropes of silk to tie them back and gilt festoons to hide their beginnings, and an old old lady in a big arm-chair and a lace cap with nodding bugles was in a corner, just like another and older bit of furniture.

  • Reaper
  • The reaper was still laughing.

  • Rapt
  • She was in a great mood, a rapt and pillared saint; but when mass was over and his thanksgiving to make, she got up and hid herself away from him in the shades.

  • Raper
  • It is difficult to say whether the grinder's temper could have much longer endured these assaults of stupidity, but for the sudden appearance of raper, who, coming stealthily forward, whispered a few words in fagan's ear.

  • Rip
  • Tired tinkham was the local rip van winkle-the children's friend and labor's foe.

  • Wrapped
  • All my thoughts were wrapped up in the beloved object i had lost for ever.

  • Raps
  • It so chanced that i was in the upper room trying to gain some idea of the time, when there came two sharp raps on the shutter through which i was peering, and so nervous had i become that i cried aloud in fear, darting back to the trap-door, positive that none other than a lobster back or a tory could be thus striving to attract our attention.

  • Roper
  • Winn was considered in anglo-indian clubs, where the standard of bridge is high, to play considerably above it, and claire played with a relish, that was more instinctive than reliable; nevertheless, winn loved playing with her, and accepted mr. roper and maurice as one accepts severity of climate on the way to a treat.

  • Rapper
  • Quest" (rapper) mentions the area code 305 in the song titled "hunger" off of his mixtape searching sylvan.

  • Riper
  • But now i have no choice of subject: then i shunned a theme scarce fitting riper men, and now disaster drives me on by force to songs unheeded by the great concourse of mortals.

  • Rapes
  • Colonel hall and dr. oliphant both testify that no drunkenness, no fighting, no quarreling, no thefts, no robberies, no rapes, no fornication, no domestic feuds or broils, and no fraudulent dealing take place in japan.

  • Rp
  • Rp, new series, iii. 25-31; see also bor iii. 25-31.

  • Trap
  • She was in a trap.

  • Frappe
  • "cafe frappe for me," said dotty, "and waffles."

  • Raped
  • She used it as an umbrella term to cover all rapes involving people who know one another, in her write-up of a study of 830 women in san francisco in which she found that 35% reported having experienced rape or attempted rape by an acquaintance, compared with 11% who reported being raped by strangers.

  • Grape
  • "now for the juice of the grape," he cried, "and the best cigar in all england!"

  • Rap
  • A smart rap at the door had interrupted her plans for her future.

  • Rapier
  • Alice's rapier, the mate to that now worn by hamilton, hung in its curiously engraved scabbard near one corner.

32 words made from the letters wrape

3 letter words made from wrape:

ape, apr, awe, raw, pea, are, pwr, era, pre, par, paw, rap, per, war, rep, epa, ear, pew, arp.

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