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How to spell WRIMED correctly?

If you stumble upon the misspelling "wrimed", fret not! The correct spelling you may be looking for could be "primed", "rimed" or "wrinkled". These alternatives bring clarity to your intended message and ensure that your words are accurately conveyed.

List of suggestions on how to spell wrimed correctly

  • Aimed The archer aimed his bow and arrow at the target with precision.
  • armed The police officer was armed with a gun.
  • Brimmed Her eyes brimmed with tears as she watched the emotional scene unfold.
  • framed The picture was beautifully framed and was the centerpiece of the room.
  • grimed The grimed floor was stained with dried blood.
  • Limed Limping along on my crutches, I limed the front lawn.
  • mimed The actor mimed the actions of opening and closing a door since there was no actual door on the stage.
  • PREMED I'm premed and I want to be a doctor.
  • primed She primed the canvas with a layer of gesso before starting her painting.
  • riled She was really riled up about the unfair treatment she received.
  • rime The trees were coated in a beautiful white rime after the overnight frost.
  • rimed
  • rimes I love listening to rap songs with clever rimes.
  • rimmed The bowl was rimmed with blueberries.
  • rived The ship's hull was rived in two after crashing against the rocky shore.
  • timed I timed the race to see who finished first.
  • trimmed She always trimmed her hair the shortest possible length.
  • warmed We were all warmed by the fire.
  • Wormed
  • write I prefer to write with a pen rather than a pencil.
  • writer This is a sentence about a writer.
  • writhed The injured athlete writhed in pain on the field.

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