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How to spell WRITED correctly?

The correct spelling for "writed" is actually "wrote". It is the past tense of the verb "write". To avoid this common misspelling, remember to use the correct form of the verb and ensure consistency in your tenses.

List of suggestions on how to spell writed correctly

  • Bruited Rumors were bruited about concerning his dismissal from his job.
  • Cited The author cited several references in their research paper.
  • Crated The artwork was carefully crated and shipped to the museum.
  • dried I love to snack on dried fruit like raisins and apricots.
  • fruited The garden is full of fruited plants.
  • Grated Her teeth were grated by the jagged rocks.
  • Gritted She gritted her teeth and pushed onward.
  • kited The wind kited the kite high into the sky.
  • merited Her hard work and dedication rightfully merited her a promotion.
  • orated The professor orated for two hours on the topic of astrophysics.
  • Prated
  • Prided
  • Rated The movie was rated R for its violent and graphic content.
  • Rifted The once peaceful friendship between the two neighbors was rifted after a disagreement over the property line.
  • riled The monkey was so riled up that he started throwing things at the other animals in the zoo.
  • rimed The cars on the street were all rimed with a thin layer of frost on this chilly morning.
  • Rioted The citizens rioted in the streets after the government raised taxes again.
  • rite After the initiation rite, he was officially accepted into the secret society.
  • rites An important part of Indian culture is its religious rites.
  • rived The river rived the landscape, carving out deep canyons and valleys.
  • Sited The building was sited on a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.
  • tried I tried to solve the puzzle, but I couldn't figure it out.
  • trite I can't believe you brought up such a trite subject.
  • triter
  • Waited I waited for the train at the station.
  • Whited
  • Witted He was quick-witted enough to come up with a solution on the spot.
  • Wrested He finally wrested control of the company from his rival.
  • writ She is confident and proud of the writ she submitted for her senior thesis.
  • write
  • writer The writer wrote a best-selling novel last year.
  • writers John taught writers how to be better writers.
  • writes She writes beautiful poetry that always brings tears to my eyes.
  • writhed The victims writhed in pain on the floor.
  • writs The court clerk issued several writs for the defendant's arrest.
  • written I have written a novel that will be published next year.
  • Wrote Ian wrote a letter to his mother.

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