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How to spell WRITIING correctly?

If you're prone to misspelling "writing" as "writiing", fear not – here are some useful suggestions to get it right. Pay extra attention to double "i's" and make sure to correct the error promptly. Remember, using spell-check tools can save you from such minor but noticeable mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell writiing correctly

  • Gritting I could hear the sound of tires gritting as the car tried to brake on the icy road.
  • waiting
  • whiting The restaurant's signature dish is pan-seared whiting with a citrus and herb sauce.
  • witting
  • Wringing She was wringing her hands nervously as she waited for the interview to begin.
  • writhing The snake was writhing and twisting in pain after being bitten by a venomous spider.
  • writing I need to get writing for my next paper.
  • writings The great philosopher's writings were widely read and translated across many languages.

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