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How to spell WRITTER correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "writter", fear not! There are several correct suggestions for this common misspelling. Consider using "writer" as the intended word, denoting someone involved in the act of writing. Alternatively, "witter" could be an option, meaning to chatter aimlessly. Keep in mind these appropriate alternatives to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell writter correctly

  • bitter She could taste the bitter coffee in her mouth.
  • critter I found a critter in my garden last night.
  • fitter I need to exercise more to become fitter.
  • fritter I love to fritter away my time watching Netflix.
  • grittier The movie's sequel was grittier and darker than the original.
  • hitter The baseball team's best hitter is injured and unable to play.
  • litter Austria is one of the most litter-free countries in the world.
  • ratter I need to get my ratter fixed.
  • rioter
  • rotter He's such a rotter, always cheating on his exams.
  • sitter I want to hire a sitter so that my son can have a playdate.
  • titter The girls began to titter when the boy tripped and fell.
  • triter Her triter read "Shall we dance?
  • trotter The trotter of the horse sounded rhythmic and soothing to the ears.
  • waiter Here's your waiter.
  • wetter The weather forecast predicted that it would be wetter than usual for the next few days due to the incoming storm.
  • whiter After taking a shower, I feel much whiter.
  • whittier This city is home to the William S. Whittier Museum.
  • wittier
  • write I write in my journal every day.
  • writer The writer spent hours perfecting their latest novel.
  • writers Many writers struggle with overcoming writer's block.
  • writes
  • writhe The injured animal began to writhe in pain as the veterinarian attempted to treat its wounds.
  • writhed The snake writhed in pain after being struck by the shovel.
  • written The essay was written on a wide variety of topics.

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