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How to spell WRITTING correctly?

The correct spelling for "writting" is "writing". Remember to use only one "t" in the word. One way to avoid misspelling is by using a spellchecker or proofreading your work carefully for errors. Practice writing frequently and refer to a dictionary when in doubt.

List of suggestions on how to spell writting correctly

  • fitting I hope this shirt is fitting because it was the only size left in the store.
  • Fretting I've been fretting all week about the upcoming exam.
  • Gritting I was gritting my teeth in frustration as the traffic jam continued to slow down my commute.
  • hitting Mark was hitting the baseball with all his might, hoping it would fly past the outfielders.
  • pitting The pitting on the surface of the car is quite noticeable.
  • ratting I hate ratting on my friends, but I had to tell the principal about the bullying.
  • Rifting During the rifting of the Earth's crust, large chunks broke off and fell to the mantle.
  • rioting The city had to call in extra police to control the rioting that broke out after the verdict was announced.
  • rotting The smell of the rotting food in the trash can was overwhelming.
  • Rutting She saw the male lemur rutting outside his refuge.
  • sitting She was sitting on the bench, enjoying the warm breeze.
  • Trotting The horse was trotting down the sandy trail, with its rider eagerly holding onto the reins.
  • waiting
  • wetting She forgot her umbrella and got soaking wetting while walking in the rain.
  • whiting I caught a 10-pound whiting while fishing off the coast of Florida.
  • witting
  • Wresting Wrestling is a popular sport that involves two competitors wresting each other.
  • writhing The injured snake was writhing in pain on the ground.
  • writing
  • writings I have read all of Shakespeare's writings.
  • written She had written a heartfelt note to her grandmother thanking her for all the love and support over the years.

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