How to spell WROAT correctly?

We think the word wroat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell wroat correctly

  • brat I am waked with it when I sleep; raised with it when I sit; driven out of doors with it when I go from home; welcomed home with it when I return: nay, I bear it on my shoulders as beggar wont her brat; and I think, when he hath lamed me, I shall beg with it from door to door.
  • croat The white-clad cuirassier from the Danube, the active and sinewy Hungarian, the tall and swarthy Croat were all there, mixed up among groups of peasant girls coming in to market with fowls and eggs.
  • frat I'd rather go out and sell battleships to farmers, so far as the toughness of the job is concerned, than to tackle the job of persuading a wise young high-school product with two chums in another frat that my bunch and he were made for each other.
  • groat Then to three Gallons of the clear part of this decoction, put one Gallon of honey, and mingle it very well with your hand, till it bear an Egg the breadth of a groat.
  • oat Now the lassie had but one thought in her head, and that was to get the water for her mother's oat-cakes, and she never for a moment thought that the Paddock was in earnest, so she promised gladly enough to be his wife, if he would get her a jug of water.
  • prat In this she was aided and abetted by the Chancellor Du Prat, and soon persuaded the king to withhold Bourbon's appointments, and disallow his just claims for money he had furnished during the war in Italy.
  • rad At that, Rad is pretty warm over the fact that I sent Koku on with the locomotive.
  • rat The trees dip into the water, and the birds come down to drink and bathe; and we saw a water-rat and a water-wagtail, and there was the cuckoo; and we could hear the cooing of the wood-pigeons whenever we were silent; and, oh!
  • rate If Dr. Biron did not possess that theoretical knowledge of insanity which has made French alienists famous throughout the world, he was certainly a first-rate organiser.
  • riot An attempt to arrest the principal agitators resulted in a riot; the troops were mostly Brazilian, and rose in favour of their compatriots, and the populace joined them.
  • road A neighboring farmer was returning home from Richland, and had taken the cross road as his shortest route.
  • roar Presently there came a loud roar, the mizen-mast shot up, followed by the after-part of the deck, and then came hissing down into the water.
  • roast "I'd pour a kittle ov boilin' wather on thim an' roast th' hides off ivery mother's son ov thim.
  • rod In silence he affixed the bit of string she gave him to the head and tail of this very pretty twelve-pounder; and in silence they set out, he carrying the salmon and she the rod over her shoulder.
  • root I believe she could get twopence a root; and she might fill a cart there.
  • rot The ceiling had fallen in places, and the woodwork of the carved furniture gave forth a subtle scent of dry rot.
  • rota The rota hung on the kitchen wall in a frame of oak canopied with faded velvet-an ingenious and puzzling contrivance, somewhat like the calendar prefixed to the Book of Common Prayer, with the names of the Brethren inserted on movable cards worn greasy with handling.
  • rote All the prayers he knew by rote, He could preach like Chrysostome, From the Fathers he could quote, He had even been at Rome, A learned clerk, A man of mark, Was this Thangbrand, Olaf's Priest, He was quarrelsome and loud, And impatient of control, Boisterous in the market crowd, Boisterous at the wassail-bowl, Everywhere Would drink and swear, Swaggering Thangbrand, Olaf's Priest In his house this malcontent Could the King no longer bear, So to Iceland he was sent To convert the heathen there, And away One summer day Sailed this Thangbrand, Olaf's Priest.
  • rout No effort was made by Sigel or any of his officers to rally their men and join Lyon's Division, altho the battle raged furiously for hours after Sigel's rout; and most of his men in their retreat passed in rear of Lyon's line of battle.
  • route On my return from Paris, about a year afterwards, I turned off from the beaten route at Rouen, to revisit some of the most striking scenes of Lower Normandy.
  • rut Worcester was left behind, and they were far out in the country ere a word was exchanged between Madam Conway and Maggie; for while the latter was pouting behind her veil, the former was wondering what possessed Mike to drive into every rut and over every stone.
  • throat His eyelids quiver, the black veins in his throat knot up, he gasps.
  • trot "Well, well, that was all-powerful curious, but-but I've read of sech things, and maybe Hettie has, too; if she hain't, I'll try to show her that-I mean-but I reckon I'd better trot over to the spring-house and kinder lead your Ma up to it, and not have it sprung too suddenlike.
  • wort St John's wort, with its star-shaped golden flowers, white and red campion, and a host of others, are larger and more beautiful on the rich loam than they are on the stony hills.
  • wrath I saluted, awaiting orders in silence, as was my habit, but so preoccupied was His Majesty that he did not notice my presence, but continued his outburst of furious wrath.
  • writ It was writ by de Major, 'n' gib to me by de young missus, who says, says she-'Peter, gib dis to de man whut save our Prince, 'n' to nobody else.
  • write Write it down, Briar.
  • wroth Wherefore Queen Guinevere, who counted him for her own knight, grew wroth with him, and on a certain day she called him to her chamber, and said thus: "Sir Lancelot, I daily see thy loyalty to me doth slack, for ever thou art absent from this court, and takest other ladies' quarrels on thee more than ever thou wert wont.
  • wrought The full title of the Book of Martyrs, which we have now reached, is Actes and Monuments of these latter and perillous dayes, touching matters of the Church, wherein ar comprehended and described the great persecutions and horrible troubles, that have bene wrought and practised by the Romishe Prelates, especially in this Realm of England and Scotlande, from the yeare of our Lorde a thousande unto the tyme nowe present.
  • Wot "That time wot I lighted him round for twopence.
  • Wrote Peter put a sheet of paper into his typewriter and rapidly wrote at the top of the upper right-hand corner Neale-Sports-Syndicate.
  • Robt Niagara District Veteran Volunteers' Association, St. Catharines: Jamieson Black, President; C. Chapman, Past-President; Robt.
  • RDA election results: percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - CDP 101, PDP 6, RDA 2, ADF 2
  • RT W. Hurley, C. C.; the rt rev.
  • DRAT "I dunno," she said, anxiously to her husband, "whether the gal's all there; sometimes I think she ain't, but anyhow, she's sweet and pretty an' loving, an' he's an out-an'-out scamp, drat him!"

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