How to spell WRTITE correctly?

We think the word wrtite is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell wrtite correctly

  • petite My sister is very petite, and she has to shop in the children's section.
  • rate
  • reit
  • retie After she retied the knot, she felt a bit more secure.
  • rewrite I'll have to rewrite this report for finals.
  • ride
  • Rita Rita is organizing a fundraiser for the local animal shelter.
  • rite The rite of passage for young men in the village involved hunting a wild boar.
  • rites The priest performed the funeral rites.
  • rotate
  • rote She recited the rote phrases from her childhood prayer book.
  • RTE The RTE is Ireland's public service broadcaster.
  • tate John is always telling stories about his time in the army; one of which is about a fight he had with a bear which
  • tide The tide is high at the beach today, making it perfect for surfing.
  • tito My father was a Tito.
  • tote I brought my book and water bottle in a tote bag for the long train ride.
  • trait She had a strong trait of being independent.
  • trite The speech was filled with trite cliches and lacked any original thought or ideas.
  • triter She tried to trier to forget him, but it was impossible.
  • Witted He was quick-witted and always had a clever response to any situation.
  • wrist I wear a bracelet on my wrist to remind me to stop smoking.
  • writ She lost her writ before she could file it with the court.
  • write In order to keep a diary, you need to write down your thoughts.
  • writer There is always one true writer in a group of writers.
  • writers Many writers have noted the importance of reading extensively in order to improve their own writing skills.
  • writes He writes poetry every evening after dinner.
  • writhed As the venom coursed through his veins, he writhed in pain on the ground.
  • writs The court issued writs of habeas corpus to ensure the prisoners' rights were protected.
  • written I have never seen such a well-written essay before.
  • Wrote The writer wrote a book about their experience.

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