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How to spell WSTATED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "wstated" could be "stated", "westated" or "restated". It's important to keep in mind the intended meaning of the word and its context when selecting the correct spelling. Proofreading and using spell-check tools can also help avoid spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell wstated correctly

  • gestated My girlfriend gestated a pregnancy for over nine months.
  • mutated In the lab, the mutated specimens were placed in different containers.
  • notated The notated music was excellent.
  • restated She restated her stance that she would not testify against him.
  • rotated
  • sated After eating a large dinner, I was completely sated and didn't want any dessert.
  • seated The seething mass of humanity seated themselves at the long table.
  • Skated He skated gracefully around the rink, executing each turn and jump with precision.
  • Slated
  • staged The director staged the play in a minimalist setting.
  • Staked I'm staked to the mast.
  • Staled I am not going to staled to your stupid question.
  • stared I stared at the Cookie Monster for what felt like hours.
  • started A racecar started from the starting line.
  • state The governor will make an announcement about the current state of the economy.
  • stated He stated that he would be back in a few minutes.
  • Staten She always wears a Staten Island Yankees shirt.
  • stater
  • states
  • Staved I used my staved off the attack.
  • Stayed I stayed at home to finish my work.

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